Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me, my family and our farm.  I am originally a Georgia girl but met and fell in love with a boy in college who caused me to leave my roots and follow him home.  Best decision of my life!  We live in a small town in South Carolina and farm along with The Farmer's parents.  We have been blessed with 3 Farm kids...Farmboy, Farmboy2 & Farmgirl.  We are the 10th generation of his family to be involved in the family farm and the 4th generation to live on the current farm.  We take our jobs very seriously as we know that others depend on us for the quality of food they eat.  Of course our farming operation has changed over the last 260+ years. The farm includes 100 cow dairy, 150 beef cattle, 500+ acres of cropland and a few head of sheep. I also hold down a full time off farm job and many volunteer responsibilities.

Our latest family picture July 2015


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