31 days of Homecooking

I link lots of my memories in life back to food.  Lacy cornbread, banana pudding, red velvet cake, Christmas fudge, vegetable soup and much more. Typically it was made from scratch and frugal.  Since I'm on maternity leave and only have 4 weeks of paid leave...feeding my family frugally is of utmost importance.  So this month I am going to share recipes, budget, meal plans and memories.

These recipes won't be fancy company cooking but simple meals that feed my family.  Some will be generations old while others will be fairly new.  All will be tired and trued meals that have been enjoyed by my family.

To give you an idea our meals typically consist of a meat, a vegetable or two, some bread and something sweet.  Most of my recipes will be for meat dishes, bread, and something sweet.  I have a couple for veggies but in reality I don't fancy up our veggies often.

So stay tuned for simple, filling meals that are easy on the budget.

Until next time

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