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This week we were blessed to have newborn photos of our newest addition.  If you are local to us please check out Muggshot Studios. They are AMAZING to work! They take their time to ensure they get just the right shot. If you have ever tried to snap photos of a newborn then you know that can take a while!!

These photos are cherished because let’s be honest we all know that #babiesdontkeep and they #growtoofast.  Already our newborn is changing into an infant...staying awake longer, more alert, and attempting to hold her head up.  The old saying the “days are long but the years are short” is driven home into my heart daily.  
Our 2 girls <3 td="">

The newborn session documents a short window in life but for us it also documents something else...the love of generations.

You see my Granny Price was a crocheter...she constantly had a project going.  All of her grandchildren recieved a full size (or larger) blanket crocheted in requested colors for graduation (mine was red and black).  She also crocheted the tops of dish towels to give as Christmas gifts and almost anything else you can imagine.  My favorite things she ever made were 6 baby blankets.

You see all through high school the joke was I wanted a big family...6 kids to be exact...a basketball team and a spare.  Well my Granny made me six baby blankets.  You might think well lots of grandmothers do that...well my Granny had these 6 blankets ready for me within a year of getting married.  I’ll be honest at the time I was a little frustrated as we started trying not long after we got married and struggled to conveice for a couple of years.

Purple blanket crocheted by my Granny.
When our oldest was born I cherished that blue dear Granny had passed away just 10 months early.  She never got to meet any of my sweet babies...whom we all know she would have loved and rocked and spoiled as she did her other great grands.  

Thankfully at each newborn session we are able to document that love by including the blankets that she made.  So are you wondering what colors she made?  Because I have always been amazed by that...she made a blue, a green, a yellow, a white, a purple, and a one that is green, yellow and white.  While we have enough of each child and I always thought I would “assign” blankets to them...I have decided that while we do use them I will keep them and as my children have children (way in the future) I’ll give them one of these treasured blankets for their own babes.  So they will get one crocheted blanket from their Great Granny and I too will make something (clothes, quilt, blanket) for each as well.  I don’t think you can truly appreciate little things like handmade baby blankets years in advance of needing them.  

For our newest addition its even more special as she was named for my Granddaddy (my Granny’s husband).  My sister put it best when saying we can hear them say “Caci...what are you thinking...Clark isn’t a girl’s name!”  All the while smiling.  

A perfect "Price" reaction

Did you have something special that was made for your children?  Share about the item below in comments.  

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