Are you a babywearer?  Do you you use a soft structured carrier like a Tula or Ergobaby?  Maybe you are more of a stretchy wrap wearer or you like the feel of a woven wrap.  It might be none of the above and maybe you prefer a ringsling.  Check out all the various options I have pinned :) Continue reading to learn more about what we have tried and what we prefer for various stages.

As a parent for the last 9 years I think we have tried almost every type of carrier.  We have found that even on the farm it’s easier to wear baby than it is to lug a heavy carseat.  We have also used options in all price ranges...from the super cheap ones you can get at big box stores to more pricey custom options.

So after wearing our 3 big kids and now another newborn what are our favorite options?  During the newborn stage I love a wrap (stretchy or woven).  It takes a little bit to learn how to wrap but with a little practice it’s quick and easy.  You can visit my Pinterest board here to learn a few various ways to wrap.  

With our newest squish I am also loving a ring sling.  I find it faster than a wrap.  I’m still learning various positions and how to ensure the sling is tight enough without being too tight.  I think it will be easier to nurse in this option than any other.  

As our kids get older I find the stretchy wraps to become a little more difficult to use...mainly because our kids get heavy fast.  The stretchy wraps seem to sag when the kids weigh about 20 lbs.  This is also about the time that they can comfortably ride in a soft structured carrier (SSC).  After many trials and error I have found that our favorite SSC is a Tula.  Want to talk fast...want to talk easy...the Tula has both of those covered.  Plus the Farmer is more willing to use it than the other options.  He says it’s more comfortable.  We don’t have an infant insert for our standard Tula so we have to wait until they are big enough.  It forces me to explore other options.  

I have loved discovering more ways of babywearing mainly because it allows me to get lots of things done around the house and the farm.  The one drawback I have found is that you, the carrier and baby may get covered if there is a blowout from either end...however that happens when you are holding them too ;)

So are you a babywearer?  What is your favorite type of carrier?  

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