Saturday, September 16, 2017

So much more than pictures

This week we were blessed to have newborn photos of our newest addition.  If you are local to us please check out Muggshot Studios. They are AMAZING to work! They take their time to ensure they get just the right shot. If you have ever tried to snap photos of a newborn then you know that can take a while!!

These photos are cherished because let’s be honest we all know that #babiesdontkeep and they #growtoofast.  Already our newborn is changing into an infant...staying awake longer, more alert, and attempting to hold her head up.  The old saying the “days are long but the years are short” is driven home into my heart daily.  
Our 2 girls <3 td="">

The newborn session documents a short window in life but for us it also documents something else...the love of generations.

You see my Granny Price was a crocheter...she constantly had a project going.  All of her grandchildren recieved a full size (or larger) blanket crocheted in requested colors for graduation (mine was red and black).  She also crocheted the tops of dish towels to give as Christmas gifts and almost anything else you can imagine.  My favorite things she ever made were 6 baby blankets.

You see all through high school the joke was I wanted a big family...6 kids to be exact...a basketball team and a spare.  Well my Granny made me six baby blankets.  You might think well lots of grandmothers do that...well my Granny had these 6 blankets ready for me within a year of getting married.  I’ll be honest at the time I was a little frustrated as we started trying not long after we got married and struggled to conveice for a couple of years.

Purple blanket crocheted by my Granny.
When our oldest was born I cherished that blue dear Granny had passed away just 10 months early.  She never got to meet any of my sweet babies...whom we all know she would have loved and rocked and spoiled as she did her other great grands.  

Thankfully at each newborn session we are able to document that love by including the blankets that she made.  So are you wondering what colors she made?  Because I have always been amazed by that...she made a blue, a green, a yellow, a white, a purple, and a one that is green, yellow and white.  While we have enough of each child and I always thought I would “assign” blankets to them...I have decided that while we do use them I will keep them and as my children have children (way in the future) I’ll give them one of these treasured blankets for their own babes.  So they will get one crocheted blanket from their Great Granny and I too will make something (clothes, quilt, blanket) for each as well.  I don’t think you can truly appreciate little things like handmade baby blankets years in advance of needing them.  

For our newest addition its even more special as she was named for my Granddaddy (my Granny’s husband).  My sister put it best when saying we can hear them say “Caci...what are you thinking...Clark isn’t a girl’s name!”  All the while smiling.  

A perfect "Price" reaction

Did you have something special that was made for your children?  Share about the item below in comments.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Are you a babywearer?  Do you you use a soft structured carrier like a Tula or Ergobaby?  Maybe you are more of a stretchy wrap wearer or you like the feel of a woven wrap.  It might be none of the above and maybe you prefer a ringsling.  Check out all the various options I have pinned :) Continue reading to learn more about what we have tried and what we prefer for various stages.

As a parent for the last 9 years I think we have tried almost every type of carrier.  We have found that even on the farm it’s easier to wear baby than it is to lug a heavy carseat.  We have also used options in all price ranges...from the super cheap ones you can get at big box stores to more pricey custom options.

So after wearing our 3 big kids and now another newborn what are our favorite options?  During the newborn stage I love a wrap (stretchy or woven).  It takes a little bit to learn how to wrap but with a little practice it’s quick and easy.  You can visit my Pinterest board here to learn a few various ways to wrap.  

With our newest squish I am also loving a ring sling.  I find it faster than a wrap.  I’m still learning various positions and how to ensure the sling is tight enough without being too tight.  I think it will be easier to nurse in this option than any other.  

As our kids get older I find the stretchy wraps to become a little more difficult to use...mainly because our kids get heavy fast.  The stretchy wraps seem to sag when the kids weigh about 20 lbs.  This is also about the time that they can comfortably ride in a soft structured carrier (SSC).  After many trials and error I have found that our favorite SSC is a Tula.  Want to talk fast...want to talk easy...the Tula has both of those covered.  Plus the Farmer is more willing to use it than the other options.  He says it’s more comfortable.  We don’t have an infant insert for our standard Tula so we have to wait until they are big enough.  It forces me to explore other options.  

I have loved discovering more ways of babywearing mainly because it allows me to get lots of things done around the house and the farm.  The one drawback I have found is that you, the carrier and baby may get covered if there is a blowout from either end...however that happens when you are holding them too ;)

So are you a babywearer?  What is your favorite type of carrier?  

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

4 Farmkids

A little over 2 weeks ago our family was blessed with our newest addition.  
Sweet #Farmgirl2...she came into the world at 8 lbs and 10 oz and 18.5" long.  
Everyone in the family is over the moon about sweet baby Cora Clark.
For the Farmer & I we entered a new parenting realm...3 kids 4 & under.  

While the Farmer and I have always dreamed of having a "big" family for years we were sure if that would happen for us.  We tried for just over 2 years to get our oldest and then it took 5 long, stressful years to get our 2nd.  After that we have been blessed with 2 more rather quickly.  

Each of our children are a blessing with vastly different personalities.  God is working on me to learn how to appropriately handle each of them.  I have found that I need to spend more time digging into God's word and being reminded of how patience, gracious, loving and forgiving he has been to me so that I may try to emulate those characteristics to my children.  

I struggle most with our oldest at the moment.  At 9 he's testing new boundaries and gaining a bit of an attitude that I imagine will be very different from his younger siblings.  He is so much like the Farmer...not only in looks but in attitude and actions.  He is tenderhearted and compassionate...which means that he takes your words to heart in a very different way from our younger ones.  As a parent some days I struggle to find the best way to speak to him so that he understands my expectations and not feel like I am belittling him.  Prayer goes a long way in case you are wondering...I'm working on being more purposeful in my prayer life and spending time daily in prayer for each of our children.  

So what about those 3 that are 4 and under...well I'd be lying if I didn't admit that it's hard and some days are harder than others.  It's mentally and physically hard.  I'm thankful for dear friends that get it and who have been willing to help by bringing a meal, offering to babysit or just willing to chat when I've had my fill of PBS kids for the day.  

While our 4 year old goes to preschool 3 hours a day 5 days a week that doesn't always make life easier as I feel like the first half of my day is spent driving up and down the road.  Delivering kids to school, running errands and loading and unloading the car.  All and all he has honestly adjusted wonderfully to having a new baby sister and loves her dearly.  He's a helpful and joyful little man who just needs a few hours outside each day to make life grand.

Our big Farmgirl is loving being a big sister which is a huge relief cause let's be honest...she was the baby...she was the only girl...and she is slightly spoiled ;) While she does adore her baby sister, she has quickly learned if Momma is nursing she has a chance to get into things.  In just 12 short days...only 9 of which I've been home...our sweet farmgirl has

1. Attempted to make playdoh by empty out all the flour and salt
2. Cleaned our toliet...with my good conditioner
3. Emptied about a gallon of water onto the bathroom floor
4. Used more wipes than it would take to clean up 100 cows
5. Emptied chips, cookies and pretezels into her tummy and the floor
6. Hidden my glasses and my phone
7. Reorganized my wallet, the diaper bag, her room and her brother's room
8. Used the dining table as a dance floor
9. Stolen cokes and convinced her brothers to open them for her
10. Attempted to wash dishes

and I could go on but you get the idea...and while yes some of these things she did before she became a big sister (see number 8) they have magnified in intensity.  I suppose this is her way of acting out...which again has sent me to the Lord in prayer.  

Even as I type this she is peaking around the kitchen cabinets while she "cleans" them with more baby least they are clean right ;) 

What about that newborn we brought into this chaos...well she's the easy one.
Typically she stays where I put her.
Her request are simple...a clean bottom and milk to drink.
She naps like a champ and loves to cuddle.
She becoming more alert throughout the day and her favorite time to play is bedtime.  

Everyone keeps asking how I am be honest pretty darn good I think.  We are making it to school each day, food is on the table and the kids are somewhat clean.  I get to shower on most days and have even managed to go shopping with the 3 youngest in tow more than once.  I'm loving being at home with the kids and dream daily about being a Stay-at-home-mom.  And even though I know that is probably not going to happen right now...I am soaking up the moments, laughing through the tears (cried over liquid gold spills), and being present for each one of our kids.   

I realize there is a good deal of rambling in this post.  So if you made it all the way through...
How did your family adjust to having a new addition?  Leave your answer in the comments.