Flats Challenge 2017: My Stash

Over the last 9 years my cloth diaper stash has changed greatly.  This year I pulled out what I had and grabbed a couple of things I have been wanting to try out.  It was a great way for me to take inventory of what we really have and what we need for baby #4 arriving in a few months.  With this challenge I have pitched lots of excess that wasn't getting used or wasn't work well anymore.

So what are we using for the challenge??  Well probably way more than we should however since I work full time, I have an older child active in sports, we also have a 150 cow dairy farm, and no one else will reuse covers I have to make sure I have enough to last.  


3 Thristies Pocket diapers ($59.85)
1 other random pocket ($10.95)
9 Flip covers ($134.55)
1 Econobum Cover ($11.95)
1 Pooters Cover (Free)


23 Flour Sack Towels ($18.40) 
5 Geffen Baby Hemp/Jersey flats ($42.50)
1 Geffen Baby Fladdle ($12.48)
15 receiving blankets (Free all were received as gifts) 

3 Snappies ($9.99)
20 Geffen Baby Wipes ($24.68)
1 Wet Bag (Free with purchase, normally $14.50)
Roll of Viva Paper towels* ($2.00)
*used as liners when using diaper rash cream*

So the total cost for my stash excluding receiving blankets is $341.85.  Now that is a substantial upfront investment however I didn't buy all of it at one time.  Most of it has been used for 2+ years some of it going on 4.  When we had a little wiggle room in our budget I would grab a few things here and there.  Honestly this is more than I paid for the stash because lots of things were bought on sale.  

What's in your stash?

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