Shop Saturday!!

Some of you may know that my "side job" is sewing.
My love for sewing started years ago watching my Granny
create amazing things for others.  
That passion was passed on to me in the form of 
I enjoying sewing for myself from time to time but 
my passion is sewing clothes for kids.

That passion pushed me to open 

This shop just isn't a way to make extra money (which trust me is nice)
It's my mission.  For each item I sell in the shop a similar item is donated to a child in need. 
The shop lets me share the amazing gift God has given me with others,
it lets me help those who are in need at home and aboard.

If you know of a little one that could use an extra special outfit please email me at 

Here are just a few of my favorite pieces :) 

Until next time...
may God bless you real good!

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