Saturday, February 11, 2017

Shop Saturday!!

Some of you may know that my "side job" is sewing.
My love for sewing started years ago watching my Granny
create amazing things for others.  
That passion was passed on to me in the form of 
I enjoying sewing for myself from time to time but 
my passion is sewing clothes for kids.

That passion pushed me to open 

This shop just isn't a way to make extra money (which trust me is nice)
It's my mission.  For each item I sell in the shop a similar item is donated to a child in need. 
The shop lets me share the amazing gift God has given me with others,
it lets me help those who are in need at home and aboard.

If you know of a little one that could use an extra special outfit please email me at 

Here are just a few of my favorite pieces :) 

Until next time...
may God bless you real good!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cleaning house...creating a year long capsule wardrobe for boys

The older I get the more that clutter causes me stress.  
Having little ones seems to amplify that clutter ten fold within 5 minutes of them rising in the mornings.  

We live in a small house, some of you might even consider it a tiny house at less than a 1,000 square feet with 5 people.  When clutter gets out of hand it's obvious.

So what do I consider clutter?  
At this point in my life its not only that stack of mail that has been sitting for a week,
but it's also toys, clothes, nic nacks and anything else that I am not emotionally attached too.
I have the tendency to be a hoarder, I am emotionally attached to various things or at times just at a lost of what to do with stuff.  

My goal is to simplify our life and remove those clutter causing things that are stressing me out.

One of the things that creates the most stress is clothes...
we could literally open our own used clothing store with the sheer volume of clothes we have.
The problem is everyone in my house pretty much wears the same thing each week.  

So we are jumping head first on the capsule wardrobe trend...
now for me, hubs and the boys this won't be a huge problem...
however for Miss Priss it's gonna be a ride!  OK not for her but for me.  
I love adorable boutique clothing and shopping small.  I enjoying sewing as well, which means not only does she have a closet full of clothes from others, she has a good bit of momma-made as well.  Because I know this is gonna be hard...we are gonna start with the boys.  

This list will cover all 4 seasons.  It will not include our oldest son's baseball uniforms & practice gear.

So when creating a capsule for 2 very active farm boys what do you include?

For our oldest who will be 9 this month:
5 pair of "school" pants
3 pair of "play" pants
2 pair of dress pants
10 t-shirts
7 short sleeve button up shirts
3 long sleeve button up shirts
4 hoodies
2 heavy jackets (one good/one farm)
2 light jackets
2 swimsuits
2 pair of  "good" shorts
2 pair of basketball shorts
1 pair of good boots
1 pair of tennis shoes 
1 pair of dress shoes
(plus socks & undies)

For our middle who will be 4 in March and goes to school twice a week:
3 pair of "school" pants
4 pair of "play" pants
2 pair of dress pants
10 t-shirts
4 short sleeve button ups
2 long sleeve button ups
2 hoodies
2 heavy jackets
2 light jackets
2 swimsuits
5 pairs of shorts
1 pair of good boots
1 pair of tennis shoes
1 pair of dress shoes
`1 pair of crocs
(plus socks & undies)

Do you do a capsule wardrobe for your kids?
If so what do you include?