Wednesday Words: God Gave Us Angels

It's been ages since I have actually posted and even longer since I reviewed a book.
I rediscovered this book recently while organizing our bookshelf.

The book is geared towards children 3-8 which is perfect since the boys are 8 and 3.  Having both ends of the age range allowed me to see how they reacted differently.  Our 8 year old, who doesn't enjoy reading, felt comfortable enough with the book to read it aloud.  Our 3 year old loved the illustrations and detail on each page.  

The book does a great job of explaining angels from a Christian point of view.
The story is arranged so that the cub is asking questions to Papa bear.  The questions are ones that my own children have asked from time to time such as...

What do angels do all day?
Will we become angels when we die?
Can we see angels?

The most impressive part is that the answers are sound and obviously based on God's word,
 however there are no scripture references.  

Overall we liked the book and I'm sure will read it repeatedly but I would love to see references be added so that parents can easily back up the answers with scripture.  

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