A boy & his boots

Every little boy I know loves something...tractors, fire trucks, a teddy bear or maybe even a blankie...our oldest farmboy has had a love affair with his boots since I can remember.  At 8 he has owned close to 20 pair of boots in his short lifetime.

His first pair of boots have been handed down to each subsequent farm kid to wear.  After that first pair not many have made it for his brother and sister to wear.

His obsession didn't start until he was about 14 or 15 months old.  He had finally gotten down to only wearing his braces a naps and night time so any shoe was now game. 

He had gotten this adorable pair of Ropers for his 1st birthday and they were worn everywhere with everything.  Once he outgrew these he went through pair after pair over the years.  I learned quickly you get what you pay for with kids boots especially if your kid wears them day in and day out on the farm.   

These were a pair of hand-me-down boots from a family friend....that made it through the 1st month of preschool.  

He even had a few pair of mud boots thrown in over the years.

He has worn boots to school more days than not (these were brand new)
and from time to time will have a meltdown if for some reason he can't wear boots that day. 

His boots have carried him to feed calves and milk cows, to ride along on the tractor.  They have trekked through mud and briars, been stepped on by show calves and chewed up by the dog.  Each pair gets retired with a little bit of sadness.  

As he grows faster and faster these boots remind me that one day this little farm boy will be driving tractors and milking cows.  If he chooses all to soon he will be trying to figure out how to keep the farm going for the next generation.  There are so many memories attached to each pair of boots.

Is there unusual that your child loves?  Share below in the comments!

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