Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What she made Wednesday!!

I had a grand plan to make Easter outfits for me and the 2 littles plus ties for Farmboy1 & the Farmer...but life got the better of me...that and procrastination.  

So we ended up in store bought...which don't get me wrong was adorably cute but not what I envisioned.  

Let's not mention the fact that Farmgirl's orginial dress is cut and just awaiting me to sit down and actually sew and monogram it.  Or that now I have an excess fabric stash...oh who am I kidding I always have that LOL!!!

I might not have got to Easter dresses but I did do a selfish sew and made me a wonderful sheath dress that has an amazing fit!  It's a really quick sew that has classic lines and looks great on everyone I have seen.  To make it better the pattern is releasing TODAY!!! 

That's right Tami over at Love Notions is releasing 2 patterns today!!  The Tessa top and the Tabitha sheath dress!  

This dress works great for the office,

Chasing around 3 wild farmkids,

and has the option of adding an extra spice to life with a contrasting yoke.  
While I haven't hack the pattern yet to make it nursing friendly, it is also very nice to have something very feminine but also modest.  I see a few more of these creeping into my work and summer wardrobe.  

 Do you have a favorite dress pattern??

Share it with me in the comments below!



Monday, March 14, 2016

Mommy Monday: Chips, Cookies, Crayons & Cars

Today while at the car wash I looked around and noticed a little something...
There are only a few groups of people there

1) People visit once a week
2) Those who their prize possession is their car


3) MOMs! 

You know are frantically trying to vacuum from under the seat...because either you know you have to haul other people besides your family, your about to trade it in or you simply can't make it another day without loosing something you might actually
a whole bag of goldfish, a few oreos and countless toys.

I'll be the first to admit...I don't visit the car wash often enough.
Most of the time my car has mud caked on the underside, enough dust to draw a landscape scene and crumbs that could feed a whole herd of lambs for a week.  Let's not mention the random clothes, shoes, and toys that are shoved in there as well as a few books, and a month's worth of mail (thank goodness for online bill pay)!

I have finally gotten into the habit of regularly cleaning out all the stuff out of my car, but vacuuming it is a real chore.  I have to remove 3 car seats, and crawl around in spaces I don't fit to be sure I got everything.  And I always find know the sippy cup that has been missing for 6 weeks, set of clothes from a blowout, and the random shoe you couldn't find for school this morning. 

Today was no different...
another sippy cup bit the dust, a lost shoe found it's mate, a pair of mud boots have been recovered along with a beloved Thomas the Train book, a bow has been saved, and a capsule wardrobe of pants has been discovered along with about 5 bucks in loose change.  

So how often do you visit the car wash?
It's it a treasure hunt or an excavation?  

Let me know in the comments below!