Whip it Up Wednesday: #Farmgirl Peplum Top

Hi Y'all!  Welcome to my new Wednesday feature!
I'm so excited to share my passions with each of you.  
Some of you may be visiting from KB Stitch Designs...
if so welcome!  

I typically blog about farm life and being a farm wife & mom.  
Today starts the first day of blogging about a passion of mine....


I love to sew...a little bit of everything. 
 Mainly I sew fabric buntings for my Etsy shop, Cookies & Milk Too.  

But I also sew clothes, home decor, etc.

This was a custom blanket for this little cutie.

After dropping tons of cash on adorable baby clothes for the Farmgirl,
someone asked at church,  "That is so cute!  I know you sew...did you make her outfit?"
My heart sank, my palms got a little sweaty when I had to admit... "No, I bought it." :( 

Now don't get me wrong I have sewn her a few things...

I mean I did make her about 1/2 a dozen dresses that she outgrew by a month old...
and there is this one that finally fits.  

But honestly most of her clothes I have bought from adorable little stores I find online.  
But after the sweet mama at church asked I couldn't help but think...
I should be making most of her clothes...
I mean really... I SEW!!!

Will it save me lots of money...no,
Will it save me lots of time...no,
but it will make me happy so the 2 things above are kinda irrelevant.  

The first thing I did was scour Pinterest looking for ideas.
I decided I would love to make her a little peplum top since she is trying to start crawling and we have found that dresses seem to trip her up....on 2nd thought maybe I'll make a few more LONG dresses too LOL.  

I also decided on the peplum top because I like that look for summer 
and plan to make her a couple of swim suits 
The Farmgirl is like me, fairly pale, so she will need all the sun protection she can get.  

I searched around for a top that I could use for both swim and casual wear....
Low and behold in came KB Stitch Designs!! (affiliate link)

Stephanie had designed just what I was looking for!  YAY!!
So I whipped up this adorable little top for the Farmgirl.

The pattern was easy to follow and I love that it comes with the layer option so I only have to print the pages I need for the size I'm sewing.  I also love that I can pick up where I left off without having to completely retrace your steps when someone needs to nurse, a potty break or I have to go feed cows.  

Would you like to give it a try?  You can grab any of the patterns at 35% off with the code "firstbirthday" through the 14th.  

You can also enter to win a prize pack from KB Stitch Designs here!!
PS: You will love NEW RELEASE coming Friday!!

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