Sunday Sew It!!!

I love to sew and create!
I love immediate gratification as well...
Those two don't always go hand in hand when sewing your (or kids) clothes.

This past week I got the chance to test a new pattern for a top.  I was very fortunate as I absolutely love everything about this shirt!!! 

First it's a tee that has enough variations to last me all year.  It can be a tank, short sleeve, 3/4 or can be a shirt or tunic, slim or comfort could even make a dress.  Plus add on 3 different neck lines and honesty it's THE ONLY TEE pattern you will need!!!  By the way that's the name of the pattern as well 😉 You can purchase the new pattern here

As you can see I choose a v neck, 3/4 sleeve tunic and love it!!! Just the right amount of ease without being messy!  

Hope over and purchase the pattern!! 



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