FarmLife Friday

Ever wonder what life is like on our family farm?
That's what this weekly feature is all about...
Here are pics that I grabbed from the past week.  

Last Sunday we celebrated Farmboy's 8th birthday.  He was so excited to go out to eat, spend time with his family and LOVE that his Broncos won the Super Bowl.  Farmboy 2 was just happy we had cake.   (Remember we are in there are like 2 other Bronco fans here...and cake or cupcakes in that theme where no existent) 

Farmgirl loves hanging out in the warm barn office and "telling" the Farmer all about what's going on. Don't mind the recliner arms...they get lots of wear and tear LOL.

We have been working on a new shed for our shavings mill.  While Farmgirl is loving shavings pile, Farmboy was helping build trusses for the shed.  This kid can work when he wants too...he can put some grown ups to shame when it comes to physical labor.  

Farmboy2 was a little too busy "feeding" up his cows to worry much about anything else.  Poor kid emptied about 15 pounds of feed out and his mean Momma made him scoop every last piece back up.

Farmgirl got some awesome new nursery decor painted by one of our dear friends!  We are loving the pink cow even though the Farmboys were a little worried about it's "unrealness".  I was too excited to wait for the frame to hang it.  Can't wait of get a barnwood frame around it!!  

What happens during the middle of the week when the Farmer needs you to feed baby calves after work...well you feed baby calves in your work clothes because you took all your farm clothes out of the car to wash them before the winter weather gets here.  

Thankfully I leave "barn" shoes in multiple places (my office, my car, the barn, our house).  Yeah I'm one of those folks who have things EVERYWHERE!!  Just no real pants...Don't you know the day he needed help I had worn leggings and a tunic sweater to work.  

Farm girl got to help out too but she was nice and warm in her fleece suit riding in her Tula (which I'm LOVING).  Honestly she was helping keep me warm LOL.

I didn't get any pictures but last night Farmboy and I (along with Farmgirl) went to his school Valentine's Dance.  We had lots of fun!  My favorite part of the night was reading Farmboy's dream on the display honoring Dr. Martin Luther King....
"I have a be a farmer.  Because people are trying to stop farming."

I'm so happy that he wants to be a farmer and even happier knowing that he realizes he needs to speak up for agriculture.  



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