Friday, February 19, 2016

FarmLife Friday: A Week in Review

Ever wonder about farm life??  Well each week on Friday's a share a glimpse of what our week has been like. 

 There was a little snow in the area over the last week...
it lasted about 2 hours...then it was gone.

Farmgirl loves to be outside and enjoying the sunshine.  

Farmkids sometimes have more fun with the packaging than the actual package.  We got in some new milk jugs last week and this was the result...packing peanut war.

The Farmboys were using the extra pieces of lumber to build a sale barn.

Farmkids learn to eat anywhere...even in the car... Farmboy2 is demonstrating the proper way to eat pizza.."you hold it like dis..."

The barn really came together over the last week

That is my oldest on top of the shed...which now is housing equipment!!! YAY!

I couldn't help but grab a quick photo of these adorable isolette covers for the children's hospital.  These were made with lots of love and prayers!

Farmboy hasn't been his old self this week, missing 2 days of school due to a bug however that doesn't keep him from grabbing any farm catalog to "read" while we ride down the road. 

We also had a surprise lamb this week...hopefully I can grab a picture of it this weekend.  The farmkids are smitten as we didn't think any of our ewes were bred.  

How has your week been?



Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Whip It Up Wednesday!!: Spring Capsule Sewalong

I've been wanting to go the capsule route for the last 6 months but with a new baby and nursing I just haven't made that leap....

until NOW!!!

If you haven't noticed I really LOVE LOVE to sew... and Becca over at Free Notion came up with this crazy awesome idea of sewing your spring capsule in a week!  Well maybe not your entire capsule but 9 or fewer pieces...separates you can mix and match.  

Want to know more?? Check it out here

So guess who said... "I'm in!!"

That's right this girl!!

I have jumped in feet first!  I have already planned my capsule and done my fabric selection.  Plus I've started cutting and sewing my pieces as well... why?  Well one because I can't cut then sew days later..I do best if I cut and sew a garment at the same basic time... and secondly I get to it when I can which has been at about 4:30 or 5 in the morning this week.  

Would you like to see my plan??

Everything in blue I already have on hand. The grey bow ballet flats I found at Walmart on sale, the cardigan is from Gap, a pair of black leggings that are super comfy, grey knit "dress" pants I've had for years, a purple nursing top from Target, and my favorite Jack Rogers.  Oh, those cute necklaces are KEEP!!!  Want one?  You can purchase it here. 

Everything in pink is an item I need to make or already have made.  I just realized there has been an edit.  I switched the Sorbetto from Colette for the Seamwork Akita, a free 30 minute skirt pattern from Make It Perfect , The Only Tee (tank version/tunic length), La Bella Donna, and the Sabrina Slims.  All of these items fall into the quick sew category.  I can't wait to take some shots of the outfits all together...NEXT WEEK!

So that's great I have all these patterns but what about fabric...well I have a massive stash and was able to pull from it.  But you can many times pick up the needed fabric locally at a Hobby Lobby, Hancock's or even Wal-Mart.

All of my fabrics for this challenge came from Girl Charlee & Hawthrone Threads.  Both have great customer service and fast shipping.  

So who's with me let me know in the comments!  Don't worries tell me one piece of clothes you wish you could get to fit better... jeans, tops, skirts??    



Monday, February 15, 2016

Mommy Monday: Farm Kids Clothes

Kids grow out of clothes so fast if you are like us you may frequently find items they have only worn once or twice...and I'm not talking about that Easter church outfit or the Christmas Smocks.  I'm talking everyday clothes.  

Recently a friend asked what do my 3 farm kids they wear the same thing to school that the wear to the farm?  The short answer is the all have a basic "uniform" that they wear and yes whatever they wear to school, the store, etc they wear around the farm.  However I don't want you to know that just by looking at them.  Also I didn't set their "uniforms" they did...within acceptable limits ;) 

Around our house we have found that our farm kids are attracted to certain clothes.  When I asked our oldest (just turned 8) why he wore the same basic outfit daily his answer was simple...
1. I like it
2. It's comfortable

His style isn't what most 8 year old boys wear...
he doesn't care for athletic pants but wears them when the mood strikes, almost hates shorts (unless it's 100 degrees & he must not be going to the farm, and you rarely see him in tennis shoes unless it's PE day or his boots are too dirty.  

His preference for clothes are jeans (he prefers Pro Rodeo jeans in a slim fit by Wrangler for their thickness), a button up shirt, and at this time of year a hoodie.  He doesn't care for a jacket unless it's really cold.  His shoes of choice are boots...really doesn't matter what kind as long as he doesn't have to tie them.  I hate to admit the number of times he has wore his mud boots to school in the last year, but I promise it was more than the number of times he wore his tennis shoes.  Oh and a belt!  He get's pretty grumpy in the mornings when he can't find his belt.  Another thing he hates to wear is overalls...that makes this momma's heart sad ;(

On the other hand our almost 3 year old Farmboy could care less about what he wears... 
or honestly if he wears anything at all.  It's almost like we are pushing his limits of acceptability to ask him to wear clothes outside the house.  We don't force him to wear clothes in the house however we do ask that he keeps on undies, shorts or a diaper...however those request are many times ignored.  Farmboy2 has a different build from his brother so fitting him is a little different.  
And right now he is loving anything momma will make for him.  (Melt my heart little boy, melt it away).  


Farmgirl still doesn't get a choice in what she wears and honestly probably dresses better than the other 4 of us combined.  It's rare to see her when she doesn't have a Bee & Binx or BK Bows bow in her hair, Sew Sassy pants, and a cute top...many times the tops are customs just for her.  Throw in some Matilda Jane, smocked outfits and The Beaufort Bonnet company and you have her wardrobe almost complete. I suppose I love playing dress up with her more than I care to admit.  But we are now getting to the stage that she's starting to move and I'm sure things may change some.  

While not of them dress terribly on a daily basis I personally am particular about what they wear to church and many times they all coordinate with each other.  For church and special events they have a completely different set of clothes which include polos, khakis, ties, suit jackets, smocked outfits, and more.  

So I share all of this because to say we live on a budget and these clothes are the ones that I have found to with stand the test rough farmboy wear and tear while being pretty classic as well.  

Wrangler Jeans
Children's Place button ups
Under Armor & Nike Hoodies
Church Attire: Khakis, Button ups, 1/4 zip sweaters, Coat & Tie

Carhartt- shirts, pants, & overalls
Osh'gosh overalls & button ups 
Children's Place wind pants
Hand-me-down jeans & tee shirts
Church: Smocked Outfits, longalls, & JonJons...
(sometimes he will wear khakis and a nice shirt or sweater...we are then back into smocked and longalls because this momma isn't ready for him to grow up).

Tops: Old Navy, Momma Made, Matilda Jane Heat Pressed T's (made by a friend) and a few passed down from her brothers.  
Bottoms: Sew Sassy, Matilda Jane and one pair of jeans (yes she only has 1 pair LOL)
Dresses: Matilda Jane, Kelly's Kids, & Momma Made, 
**Church Outfits: The Beaufort Bonnet Company, Shrimp & Grits Kids, and various smocked brands
**These outfits are also know to rotate through her daily wear.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Sew It!!!

I love to sew and create!
I love immediate gratification as well...
Those two don't always go hand in hand when sewing your (or kids) clothes.

This past week I got the chance to test a new pattern for a top.  I was very fortunate as I absolutely love everything about this shirt!!! 

First it's a tee that has enough variations to last me all year.  It can be a tank, short sleeve, 3/4 or can be a shirt or tunic, slim or comfort could even make a dress.  Plus add on 3 different neck lines and honesty it's THE ONLY TEE pattern you will need!!!  By the way that's the name of the pattern as well 😉 You can purchase the new pattern here

As you can see I choose a v neck, 3/4 sleeve tunic and love it!!! Just the right amount of ease without being messy!  

Hope over and purchase the pattern!! 



Friday, February 12, 2016

FarmLife Friday

Ever wonder what life is like on our family farm?
That's what this weekly feature is all about...
Here are pics that I grabbed from the past week.  

Last Sunday we celebrated Farmboy's 8th birthday.  He was so excited to go out to eat, spend time with his family and LOVE that his Broncos won the Super Bowl.  Farmboy 2 was just happy we had cake.   (Remember we are in there are like 2 other Bronco fans here...and cake or cupcakes in that theme where no existent) 

Farmgirl loves hanging out in the warm barn office and "telling" the Farmer all about what's going on. Don't mind the recliner arms...they get lots of wear and tear LOL.

We have been working on a new shed for our shavings mill.  While Farmgirl is loving shavings pile, Farmboy was helping build trusses for the shed.  This kid can work when he wants too...he can put some grown ups to shame when it comes to physical labor.  

Farmboy2 was a little too busy "feeding" up his cows to worry much about anything else.  Poor kid emptied about 15 pounds of feed out and his mean Momma made him scoop every last piece back up.

Farmgirl got some awesome new nursery decor painted by one of our dear friends!  We are loving the pink cow even though the Farmboys were a little worried about it's "unrealness".  I was too excited to wait for the frame to hang it.  Can't wait of get a barnwood frame around it!!  

What happens during the middle of the week when the Farmer needs you to feed baby calves after work...well you feed baby calves in your work clothes because you took all your farm clothes out of the car to wash them before the winter weather gets here.  

Thankfully I leave "barn" shoes in multiple places (my office, my car, the barn, our house).  Yeah I'm one of those folks who have things EVERYWHERE!!  Just no real pants...Don't you know the day he needed help I had worn leggings and a tunic sweater to work.  

Farm girl got to help out too but she was nice and warm in her fleece suit riding in her Tula (which I'm LOVING).  Honestly she was helping keep me warm LOL.

I didn't get any pictures but last night Farmboy and I (along with Farmgirl) went to his school Valentine's Dance.  We had lots of fun!  My favorite part of the night was reading Farmboy's dream on the display honoring Dr. Martin Luther King....
"I have a be a farmer.  Because people are trying to stop farming."

I'm so happy that he wants to be a farmer and even happier knowing that he realizes he needs to speak up for agriculture.  



Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Whip it Up Wednesday: #Farmgirl Peplum Top

Hi Y'all!  Welcome to my new Wednesday feature!
I'm so excited to share my passions with each of you.  
Some of you may be visiting from KB Stitch Designs...
if so welcome!  

I typically blog about farm life and being a farm wife & mom.  
Today starts the first day of blogging about a passion of mine....


I love to sew...a little bit of everything. 
 Mainly I sew fabric buntings for my Etsy shop, Cookies & Milk Too.  

But I also sew clothes, home decor, etc.

This was a custom blanket for this little cutie.

After dropping tons of cash on adorable baby clothes for the Farmgirl,
someone asked at church,  "That is so cute!  I know you sew...did you make her outfit?"
My heart sank, my palms got a little sweaty when I had to admit... "No, I bought it." :( 

Now don't get me wrong I have sewn her a few things...

I mean I did make her about 1/2 a dozen dresses that she outgrew by a month old...
and there is this one that finally fits.  

But honestly most of her clothes I have bought from adorable little stores I find online.  
But after the sweet mama at church asked I couldn't help but think...
I should be making most of her clothes...
I mean really... I SEW!!!

Will it save me lots of,
Will it save me lots of,
but it will make me happy so the 2 things above are kinda irrelevant.  

The first thing I did was scour Pinterest looking for ideas.
I decided I would love to make her a little peplum top since she is trying to start crawling and we have found that dresses seem to trip her up....on 2nd thought maybe I'll make a few more LONG dresses too LOL.  

I also decided on the peplum top because I like that look for summer 
and plan to make her a couple of swim suits 
The Farmgirl is like me, fairly pale, so she will need all the sun protection she can get.  

I searched around for a top that I could use for both swim and casual wear....
Low and behold in came KB Stitch Designs!! (affiliate link)

Stephanie had designed just what I was looking for!  YAY!!
So I whipped up this adorable little top for the Farmgirl.

The pattern was easy to follow and I love that it comes with the layer option so I only have to print the pages I need for the size I'm sewing.  I also love that I can pick up where I left off without having to completely retrace your steps when someone needs to nurse, a potty break or I have to go feed cows.  

Would you like to give it a try?  You can grab any of the patterns at 35% off with the code "firstbirthday" through the 14th.  

You can also enter to win a prize pack from KB Stitch Designs here!!
PS: You will love NEW RELEASE coming Friday!!