New Year Blogging Blues

Hi y'all! I know my blogging regularity is spotty at best.  I might have blamed these 3.

but honestly it's because I haven't been managing my time well.  I've struggled on and off for years with time management.  Yes, I keep a calendar (multiple ones actually).  I make schedules and list of things to do but unless it's absolutely essential sometimes it just doesn't get done.  Many things are pushed off until the last minute before getting accomplished.  

Stress is like storm clouds building

This cycle creates stress...LOTS of stress.  Stress causes me to be snappy, sleep deprived and constantly playing catch up.  Bible studies are not done 1st thing in the morning because Farmgirl & Farmboy2 have tagteamed throughout the night, I overslept again, couldn't find clothes to wear and now the Farmboy must be at school in 45 minutes.  It doesn't end when I get to work, and sometimes at 7:30 I'm asking what's for supper while I stand peering into the fridge half hoping a meal will hop out and make itself while I remove the toddler from the table, inform the 7 year old that homework is not optional and try to nurse the baby.

 Life is hectic...which causes me to feel overwhelmed...which leads me to shopping...and that puts stress on my already "snug" budget.

So what's a girl to do?

1st I have to drop to my knees and pour our my heart to the only one who can save me.  I have to humble myself before God, thank him for my abundant blessings, and then beg for guidance.  My confidence needs to be in him not myself!

I've gotten to that point already!  Have you ever been there?  Honestly pouring it out to the Lord frees both my heart and my restores my hope and my soul.

After this experience I then realized I have to focus (I might be a tad ADD).

Focus on my

Those are the 3 most important things in my life and I need to put them before EVERYTHING else!!

Meaning I start my day with God, my family becomes before another civic commitment and I find ways to be more active at the farm.  

So while they may be late those are my goals for the new year...did you set any?

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