Monday, December 12, 2016

Hi Y'all! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I know, I know it's been months!  
What can I say...
school started, 
show season hit, 
fall calving, 
I opened a new Etsy shop,
and life all gets in the way of my blogging.

It doesn't mean I don't want to but other things take priority...
like my faith, family & the farm.  

I thought I would take a few moments to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year...cause let's be honest...I probably won't blog again until 2017!

Enjoy these photos from the last couple of months!

Our oldest had a great show season and brought home Grand & Reserve at almost every show he went to!

Our middle is just enjoying life as a 3 year old on the farm.

At our local show both boys got a chance to show lambs & dairy cattle.

Our oldest in the championship drive at state fair with his Brown Swiss heifer, Reece.  This heifer has since calved and had an adorable little heifer we have named Paige.

Farmboy2 isn't old enough to show just yet but he loves helping out in the wings.  Here he is holding Catrina.

Our last show of the season is one of our favorites.  These folks do a great job!

Then came Halloween with a lumberjack, Little Red Riding Hood & a hunter

That hunter got a new dog named Copper late in November.

Our oldest enjoys showing so much that he has already started breaking next years showstring calves.

Visiting Santa was an adventure this year...our sweet farmgirl hated the experience but the boys thought it was great LOL

For those of you interested in the Etsy shop you can find it here
Below are a few of the items I have made since opening...
obviously it's mostly girly items ;)

One of my favorite dresses to date!

This romper is so cute and a wonderful fall piece.

I am loving having my own personal model...she enjoys it too!

  These 2 flannel & lace tunics are so soft and adorable!

Our Christmas outfit has me swooning!

Then a few accessories for moms.  Yes they are dishcloths but let's be honest if we have to do dishes let's make sure it's cute.  

Hope you enjoyed catching up with this farm family!  

Until next time, 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back 2 School Time On the Farm

Back to school at anyone's house is hectic.  New routines, new teachers, new friends and maybe even a new school create stress and anxiety.  Around the farm school gives Nana a much needed break after a summer of wrangling 3 farmkids but it also means you have to stop at a certain time to get kids from school.  Then you add in homework and the need to get to bed at a decent hour and it can throw your whole schedule off.

This year 2 of the 3 farm kids are in school.  

Our oldest started 3rd grade this year and as you can tell by the look on his face he was less than thrilled to have to spend 6 hours a day away from the farm.  

The youngest farmboy started preschool 2 days a week.  He was super excited and actually begged to go to school everyday from the start of the school year until his school started.  

And the farmgirl is still just hanging around at the farm with Daddy & Nana.  I'm sure she is enjoying this "brother free" time.  

What does a typical school day look like for us around the farm?

Since I work off farm I drop off our oldest at school and take the 2 littles to the farm.    Our preschool program is only 3 hours 2 days a week and since my office moved to another town I can't just run him over to the school anymore.  So 2 days a week Nana or Daddy takes the middle one back to town for preschool.  Then pick up begins at 12 for our preschooler and 2 for our oldest.  Which means someone runs back to town to grab them.  Once everyone is out of school and home there is snack time, down time, homework time, play time and chore time.  Somehow homework time gets pushed way back to the back LOL.  Chore time has to be done before I get back from work because it includes practicing with their show stock which is at the farm not our house.  Once I pick everyone up we are typically home by 6:30.  We then have to finish up homework, get supper, baths and ready for the next day...not to mention we have to also take care of the animals that live at our house.  

Needless to say we are still trying to get our routine down...It makes for quite the challenge.  We will get settled into it but it takes time.  Any b2s advice from other farm moms??

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday Words: God Gave Us Angels

It's been ages since I have actually posted and even longer since I reviewed a book.
I rediscovered this book recently while organizing our bookshelf.

The book is geared towards children 3-8 which is perfect since the boys are 8 and 3.  Having both ends of the age range allowed me to see how they reacted differently.  Our 8 year old, who doesn't enjoy reading, felt comfortable enough with the book to read it aloud.  Our 3 year old loved the illustrations and detail on each page.  

The book does a great job of explaining angels from a Christian point of view.
The story is arranged so that the cub is asking questions to Papa bear.  The questions are ones that my own children have asked from time to time such as...

What do angels do all day?
Will we become angels when we die?
Can we see angels?

The most impressive part is that the answers are sound and obviously based on God's word,
 however there are no scripture references.  

Overall we liked the book and I'm sure will read it repeatedly but I would love to see references be added so that parents can easily back up the answers with scripture.  

Monday, June 6, 2016

#MilkSteps Monday: From Moo to You

It's the first Monday in June!  
Why does that excite me?  
Well June is Dairy entire month celebrating... 
dairy farms, dairy cows, & delicious dairy products!

Which makes me think have you ever thought about all the steps that it takes 
to get milk from the cow to your fridge?

Today I'm not talking about the "how" but the actual steps...
you know like the ones you take to go to the pool or do a load of laundry...
yes I'm talking how many steps a farmer takes in a day around the farm.

I'm not on the farm full time but my Fitbit always knows when I am because I log a lot more steps than I do at my office job....I mean like 3-4 times more than normal and the farmer well he puts me to shame daily on step counts.

According to various studies the average American takes just over 5,000 steps a day.  That is only half of the 10,000 recommended daily steps.   The farmer averages about 20,000 steps a day!  That is 4 times the number of steps the average American takes!  And let's not mention that he has racked up more than 40,000 steps multiple times in the last few weeks since we have began baling hay and cutting silage.  

These numbers also explain his lean build and his "bottomless pit" appetite.  
The farmer's steps are just accounting for one person on one farm.  That doesn't include the number of steps associated with feeding calves, washing up, or hauling milk.

Each step taken helps to ensure that our cows and calves are provided the best care and that you are provided high quality, wholesome, nutritious dairy products!

So I'm curious how many steps do you take on a normal day?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A boy & his boots

Every little boy I know loves something...tractors, fire trucks, a teddy bear or maybe even a blankie...our oldest farmboy has had a love affair with his boots since I can remember.  At 8 he has owned close to 20 pair of boots in his short lifetime.

His first pair of boots have been handed down to each subsequent farm kid to wear.  After that first pair not many have made it for his brother and sister to wear.

His obsession didn't start until he was about 14 or 15 months old.  He had finally gotten down to only wearing his braces a naps and night time so any shoe was now game. 

He had gotten this adorable pair of Ropers for his 1st birthday and they were worn everywhere with everything.  Once he outgrew these he went through pair after pair over the years.  I learned quickly you get what you pay for with kids boots especially if your kid wears them day in and day out on the farm.   

These were a pair of hand-me-down boots from a family friend....that made it through the 1st month of preschool.  

He even had a few pair of mud boots thrown in over the years.

He has worn boots to school more days than not (these were brand new)
and from time to time will have a meltdown if for some reason he can't wear boots that day. 

His boots have carried him to feed calves and milk cows, to ride along on the tractor.  They have trekked through mud and briars, been stepped on by show calves and chewed up by the dog.  Each pair gets retired with a little bit of sadness.  

As he grows faster and faster these boots remind me that one day this little farm boy will be driving tractors and milking cows.  If he chooses all to soon he will be trying to figure out how to keep the farm going for the next generation.  There are so many memories attached to each pair of boots.

Is there unusual that your child loves?  Share below in the comments!

Friday, April 22, 2016

It's Spring Time in the South

 It's spring and with that comes a new season on the farm.
We have been busy before silage season kicked off last week

building a new pack barn

with lots of help from these 2 farm boys.

practicing baseball,

running shavings from our new machine,

participating in the annual SAC #Run4Agriculture

welcoming new calves...

and kittens...

enjoying green grass...

fresh strawberries 

and warm sunshine.

We have made a delivery of isolette covers to our NICU

spent countless hours at the baseball field

and been fishing...

I even got a bouquet of farm flowers from my 2 boys

What does spring look like where you are?