Terrible Blogger

So it's no news that I am a sporadic blogger at best...
I get into the busyness of life and forget about checking in on this little page.
So what has this farm wife been up to??

Farmboy showed in his last lamb show of the season and rocked it out!  
Bringing home 2 Grand Champions.  

Farmboy2 is learning to love stock shows as much as his brother.  

We spent 4 days at state fair with 3 farm kids and 8 heifers.  Farmboy learned a lot about getting a show string ready to go.  

Farmboy 2 learned that as much fun as 20 ft high shavings piles are to climb they are not that much fun to fall off of.  

We wrapped up show season and Farmboy's first show heifer has now calved....
a big bull calf much to his dismay.

I started a new business venture with KEEP Collective and I'm loving it.  You can check out the product here 

I've made 20 dozen homemade biscuits this fall as we have learned that the farmboys (and I) love them.  

We baptized our sweet little Farmgirl, who is growing like a weed.  

We've been enjoying quite a mild fall with lots more rain than we had this summer.  

Here's that growing weed!  

And we cheered on our Bulldogs!  This season gave us the chance to talk with the farmboys about a lot of things.  Like how even if you have a winning season you still may find yourself on the job hunt.  We love Coach Mark Richt but are excited to see what Kirby Smart has to offer.  Our family is praying for both of the men and their families through this transition.  

Oh and what about the farmer?? 

He's still milking cows twice a day, trying to get seed in the ground and working on new ideas to improve the farm.  The farm doesn't stop needing him just because it's raining or he isn't feeling well.  So he keeps going...

Until next time...


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