Who needs a lactation consultant?

When your kids grow up on a dairy farm (most livestock farms, really) 
they witness all stages of life.  
It starts early…especially if your kids are like mine and go to the farm while you are at work.  They see the miracle of new life almost daily…
calves learning to stand and nurse.  
The farm kids take ownership over some of those calves and lovingly feed them daily.  Watching the calves grow and develop is one of the most amazing parts of farm life.  
As the heifer (female) calves mature you start looking for a good mate.  
Sometimes you even pay someone to help match them up with the perfect bull.  
Our kids are there through the whole process
 even the hard parts such as
taking calves they have raised to the sale or the death of a special calf. 

You never realize how much your kids pick up on in daily life until…
they start talking! 

Today I’m going to share a couple of our favorite things our oldest has said…
that only a farm kid would

When Farmboy was about 4 years old the Farmer’s baby sister was preparing for a speech.  The topic was Artificial Insemination in cattle.  She stood in my in-laws den practicing her delivery when she was interrupted by Farmboy.  “Rach, you missed a step.”  He then proceed to tell her from start to finish how to AI a cow without missing a step.  Poor girl asked could he come to school and present the speech for her.

At the supper table one night after Farmgirl was born I gave the rest of my plate to the Farmer who was starving.  Our oldest looked dead at me and said “Momma, you need to eat.”  To which I replied, “Son, I'm fine.  Daddy’s been working hard all day and needs more to eat.”  Still not happy with the situation he said “The more you eat the more you milk.  Sister needs milk…EAT more!”  Who needs a lactation consultant when your 7 year old understand milk production better than the majority of the U.S. population. 

Farmboy2 has been plagued with ear infections since about 3 months old.  He hates taking medicine orally.  The  antibiotics routinely mess with his digestive system causing some bathroom issues.  According to Farmboy his little brother didn’t want to go poopy and have to take any red medicine (this is the medicine we give calves who have diarrhea) …because it tasted worse than the antibiotic.  Still not sure how he knows what it taste like. 

And the most recent one came when we were discussing calves being "late"
Any moms out there know what I'm talking about...
those dreaded days when you go PAST your due date!
 A few nights ago Farmboy declared that "Cows, chickens and people were a lot alike.  Some take longer than others to incubate.   Some are smarter than others and some get stuck doing all the work while the others watch TV." 

I didn't realize the milk barn and chicken coop were equipped with televisions but apparently I need to check this out.  

What thinks have your kids said that made you chuckle?  

Until we meet again may God bless you real good,


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