Water, Weddings & Funeral

It's been a rough week for us.
Not only has it been extremely busy with
work, school, a sick Farmboy, a cow show, cub scouts plus my Etsy shop orders 
add in a wedding & a funeral and things just go crazy!

On Tuesday evening my Poppa (my dad's dad) passed away.
While not completely unexpected it's always and emotional roller coaster.
Farmboy & Poppa in 2009

The funeral is this morning at 11.
The farmkids and I left our house around 7,
picked up my best friend because the farmer has to milk,
and headed south...
a 2+ hr road trip.

Guess what...it's raining.
Not a little rain but hurricane rains.
We are forecasted to get between 7-14 inches.
3 farm kids, a best friend, a large family and a graveside service 
in hurricane rains...

Once the funeral is over we will spend a little time with the family 
before we hit the road again headed home.

The farmer is spending the day milking and ensuring everything at the farm is ready 
just in case the winds/rain get really bad.

Once we are back in town,
I will change out of my dress clothes and help the farmer out.
Once we are done we will all get dressed back up again
for the wedding of a sweet young lady who we all love dearly.
Not sure we will make the ceremony but we will be at the reception...
come hell or high water (the latter is a real possibly).  
You see she grew up a farm kid, 
she understands not everyone can up and leave the farm for the ceremony
since it's slap in the middle of milking.

I tell you all this so you can learn...
farm work doesn't stop...
not for rains or hurricanes,
not for weddings or weeping.

On our farm the cows & calves still have to be milked, fed, and cared for 
no matter what's on the schedule.  

As a farm wife I've learned how to "keep on keeping on"
even in the hardest of times.
Honestly the routine of farm life is helpful...
you know that while many things change in life,
some things always stay the same.
The calves will always be happy to hear you coming,
the cows will file into the barn in nearly the same order each day,
and that when it rains it pours...
sometimes figuratively and literally.  

While other wives may enjoy a Netflix Marathon or a good book in times like these,
this farm wife will pull on her mud boots and feed calves in the rain.   
My farmer never promised everything would always be sunny,
but he did promise there would always be enough love and understanding to weather any storm.

Until we meet again...may God bless you real good


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