Southern Sunday: Homecoming

Welcome to day 4 in the #write31days challenge!

Today is Homecoming day at our church. 

I love it!  Our little brick church is packed to the brim and dinner on the grounds!
We are hoping that the rain breaks long enough for us to enjoy food and fellowship with current, former and future members of our church.  I can't wait for some fried chicken, mac-n-cheese and all the yummy foods you can imagine and don't forget Ms. Beck's banana pudding.  We all know which bowl to be on the look out for and to be sure to get some on your first trip through or you will be out of luck!

  This church is oh so special to me...
no I didn't grow up in it but my Farmer did,
and my farm kids are.

This is the church where our 2 boys have been baptized, 
and our little farm girl will be next month.  

This is the church were some of my closest friendships have formed.

This is the church were I gather with a wonderful group of ladies each month to dig into God's word and share in each other's lives.  When it is just us and some snacks, our Bibles, and Beth Moore.  

This church has become like our second home.  While we aren't there every time the doors are open we know we are always welcomed and loved.  If we miss a Sunday we know someone is going to call, text, or message us and be sure we are okay.  

This church is an extension of our family.
You see the Farmer's ancestors were founding members,
the current membership has vowed to help us raise our children,
they have prayed for us, fed us and loved us through various trials and triumphs in our life.

Walking through the door is like coming home...

Do you have a church home?  Tell me about it in the comments section~

Until we meet again may God bless you real good!


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