Our faith, family & farm

Welcome to October!

Right now we have a break from the rain we have been having,
but it will be short lived as a hurricane is headed our way.

Throughout the month of October I will be participating in the #write31days challenge.
Over the next 31 days I will share with you each day about what being a farm wife is like.

As a farm wife I wear many many hats,
but nothing is more important than
my Faith,
my Family
and our Farm.

What do those 3 mean to me?

My faith in God is what gets me through the day, heck who am I kidding it's what gets me through moment by moment.  I strongly believe that everything that happens in our life is according to God's plan and that he knew our story before we can even imagine it.  I do my best to spend time each day soaking up His word and talking to him.  I fail miserably from time to time, but God's grace lifts me back to my feet and we start again.  

If you are a regular blog follower you know that multiple generations of our family farms together.  

And recently we added another farm kid.  

Behind my faith, my family is my driving force.
We have been blessed with 3 farm kids who are loving the farm life as much as we do.
I'm sure you will learn lots of farm kid antics over the next few weeks.
Raising our kids on the farm gives us unique opportunities to help them 
grow, learn and explore the world around them.  Nothing happens on the farm that the kids don't either know about in advance or learn about soon after.  They are learning the good parts of farm life and the bad parts.  We want to ensure they see all aspects before they decide what they want to do in life.  We know that farm life isn't for everyone so we want our kids to make an informed decision.
Our farm is far different from what I dreamed about as a young girl.
You see I grew up in a different part of the South...
the part where peanuts, pine trees and cotton are king.
I knew I would marry a farmer but never thought it would be a dairy farmer.

We farm in conjunction with the Farmer's parents.  The family farm consist of a 100 cow dairy, about 200 head of beef cows, plus land that we grow hay and crops on to feed the cattle.  We also have a few sheep and raise a couple of show pigs each year.  

For those of you not involved in agriculture here's what that means in grocery store terms :) 

And yes there are days when I think this is all too much for me to handle...
you can read about that here

So please join me over the next month and learn what I encounter as a farm wife.
Have questions about the farm?  Please feel free to ask them!

Until we meet again may God bless you real good!


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