Favorite Photos of My Farmer

As a farm wife the photos I treasure most capture the Farmer in his element.
These photos are the ones that show emotion, years of hard work, and the joy of life we have together.  Forewarning this might be picture overload!  I hope you like these as much as I do.  

Spends all day at the farm just to spend the night at the hospital holding son.

Works with callous hands until all the work is done.

Even in the midst of utter frustration continues on...

Is an example to our sons on how to work hard, love your family and the Lord with all your heart.

That no matter how long you have been up and going, how many trips to town you've had to make there is always time to give someone else a hand.

Rises before dawn to help feed his neighbors.

Legos and play fights at 10 p.m. just so he can steal a few minutes with his babies.

Can always spare a few moments to dry a tear or cheer for an accomplishment.

His smile warms my heart...

His strong arms bring comfort to even the tiniest one

His hands show years of wear and tear but are gentle

Family time is anywhere you are all together

Even though he is tired and worn out he still has time to listen 

He's always working

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