Farming on Sundays

No one likes working 7 days a week,
365 days a year.
However at least twice a day cows have to be milked,
so the Farmer works....even on Sundays.  

Our boys have learned that while others may go to the park,
visit the mall,
or just lay around...on Sunday the cows still have to be milked
and Momma's gonna take you to church.


If the Farmer didn't work this girl would be very hungry since he ensures she (and all the others)
have plenty of hay, water and feed twice a day.  

Not only would they be hungry but their bags (where the milk is stored) would be uncomfortably full.  Are you (or have you been) a breast feeding mom?  Baby all of a sudden sleep a few extra hours?  Imagine 24?  Yeah it hurts...milking the cows at least twice a day keeps them comfortable.


More Sundays than we care to admit the Farmer doesn't make church with the rest of us.  So we stop by the farm afterwards for lunch and family time.  Our farmboys love this!

They enjoy feeding baby calves, playing on rock piles, and just helping out in general.  

Here's a Monday Memory of our oldest Farmboy and one of our Guernsey milk cows. 
He has a busy week showing 5 of the next 7 days.
This will be the first time he's ever shown at our state fair...
and believe it or not he's showing a Guernsey as his showmanship heifer.  

So until next time...


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