Farm Wife {Day 15}: A love for Agriculture

As a farm wife you must
love agriculture, 
learn to comprehend the ups and downs,
work hard,
have lots of will power and determination
love agriculture.

 I mention that love of agriculture twice 
because if you don't love it you will start to hate it.
I suppose you can learn to love it...I'm not sure,

I think it was born into me,
nurtured from the moment the spark flickered, 
and the flames were fanned as they grew.

The man is this picture gets a lot of the credit for that.
He worked hard.
He loved the land.
He was a farmer,
but most importantly (to me) he was my Granddaddy.

Today would have been his 80th birthday,
but sadly he's been gone 16 years.
I was only 16 when he passed away.
I had lived next door to him for the last 4-5 years of his life.
In those short years he taught me so much
about farming, baseball, life and the Lord.
His teachings weren't always with directions,
sometimes it was with stories,
and sometimes by example.  

He encouraged my love for farming daily.

Thanks Granddaddy... I sure do miss you.

Until next time...


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