Farm Wife: {Day 14} Wednesday Wisdom

Last night was the first night of showing in our week long marathon.  
You see for 6 days straight the farmboy will be showing, preparing, and traveling to livestock shows.  As I watched him with his heifers last night I realized (once again) that what he is learning in the show ring applies in life as well.  

Everyone has obstacles in their life they must get over,
but what if you can't??

I have had those things I can't climb over,
my aversion to certain makes and colors of cars,
the apprehension that develops each time a certain month rolls around,
failures that I can't shake.

Being married to a farmer there are lots of things thrown in your path.
Sometimes you don't expect them and many times they are too overwhelming to see over.
Each one though is met with perseverance, determination, and grit.
With all the ups and downs of farm life we can't let one thing 
(no matter how big or small) 
hold us back.
We have to keep thinking, dreaming, and planning.
When we can't scale that mountainous problem we still find a way.
On the farm we might go to the left or right,
heck we might even go straight through the middle,
but one thing is for sure...
we don't give up.  

Are you a new farm wife or mom?  Maybe you have never set foot on a farm...
this still applies...

Until next time...


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