Faithful Friday (on a Monday)

Today you will see 3 post from me as I am playing catch up.  
You see as part of this 31 day challenge I am suppose to post daily...
yeah....I missed 2 days this weekend.

I am determined to do 31 post so...

This is a "makeup" post for Friday...

Why didn't I post on Friday??  
Well you see I was consumed by a discussion in a Facebook group that truly bothered me.
A mom from another part of the country asked about a program offered through the school.  The program is called Release Time Bible Education (RTBE).  In our area the program is focused on middle school students however different places focus on different grades.

The question was simple...had anyone ever heard of such?  Many hadn't...maybe you haven't.

Release Time is conducted off of school grounds at a local church.  People from various churches in our school district volunteer to lead a class of kids and study the Bible with them.  This is a completely optional program that parents can sign up for.  Students are bused to the location using a RTBE bus or church bus.  The school in no way funds this program.  Student miss an elective once a week to attend.  

The question was simple but a debate ensued about how wrong it was to allow these parents to make this choice about their child's education.  These moms were attacking each other over their beliefs and value systems like vultures attacking roadkill.  They complained about how allowing students to attend such a class what taking away from their child and their education...

I was floored...I mean really...this is a group of mainly moms...
the idea of the group is to support each other but here they were tearing each other apart.
I was saddened, distraught as they called my God, a fairytale.

It was obvious some of these ladies harbored deep resentment towards any sort of established "religion."  Some even went so far as to say that it wasn't safe in America to admit you are not a Christian...and went on and on about the Christian privilege.  

I attempted to use all my social media engaging skills have learned over my years of advocating for agriculture.  They all landed on blind eyes (and hearts).  

All I know to do is pray for them...

Will you join me...
praying for these lost souls right here in our own backyard.
Those who are so afraid it seems of God that they lash out at the very idea of their child hearing about Him.  They are denying their children the opportunity of hearing the Good News and hiding behind lackluster excuses and misinformation.  

Dear Heavenly Father, 
Thank you for all our many blessings.  Thank you for all you have done and will do for each of us.  I come to you today with a heavy that aches for these folks and their children.  Please guide them to you...let their hearts soften so that the Holy Spirit may take hold and help them come to the feet of Christ Jesus.  I also ask that you keep us humble in this situation and let all the glory and praise be given to you.  In Jesus Name,


Have you ever faced this type of opposition to Christianity?  How did you react?

Until next time,


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