31 days as a farm wife: Patience

I am slowly making my way through the 31 day challenge...
and oh has it been a challenge.  
You can read my other 31 day post here.  

The biggest challenge has been trying to develop new content because to be honest I feel like lots of my posts are repeating themselves.  I had a great plan back in September.  You see I laid it all out 

(ignore the pump in the background but what's a working momma to do?)

However that magnificent plan is gone...lost in the sea of papers never to be seen again.
It might resurface after this week is over...once I have time to breath.

So since I felt like my post were redundant.  I decided to look up the daily prompts one blogger is doing and play along for a few days.  You see Kate over at Heading Home (katemotaung.com) does a 5 minute Friday and this month its 31 days of 5 minute free writes.  

Today's word is patience.

Funny isn't it...

A farm wife MUST learn patience...
because as a farm wife you must wait...
for cows to calve,
rain to fall,
corn to grow, and
hay to be cut.

You must wait for waterers to fill,
feed to be delivered,
stores to open 
and your farmer to get home.

In the last 10 years I have done my fair share of waiting...
and in those moments I have been able to discover something wonderful...
my relationship with God...

In those moments that I'm waiting many times I turn to prayer...

I say a prayer for safety, 
for just enough rain, 
for the health of our cattle,
for the farm family who like us walks the financial tightrope daily.

I say a prayer for the markets,
our government,
and trade decisions.

I say prayers that I never dreamed would be first and foremost on my mind.
But through it all I have learned to live out Phillippians 4:6.

During these prayers I am also able to thank and praise God for

cows that have calved safely,
fields that have yielded far more than expected,
ends to be met,
one amazing farmer who he created just for me,
and the patience to be a farm wife.

Until next time,


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