Mommy Monday: So Little Time

I know I'm not the only one...



Yes, I'm screaming...
It never fails the weekend has just begun 
and as soon as I open my eyes it's over.  

That means my babies are 2 days older, 
my house is 2 days messier, 
and my mind has 2 more days of information overload.  

Around the farm calving season is kicking into full swing,
 so that probably means we've had a least 2 more calves maybe 4 or 5 more.

At this point I'm not sure...I forget to ask.

Since returning to work after baby 3 I feel like time flies faster than ever. 
It could be because I haven't had a weekend free since I went back....
It could be because I now have to learn to juggle 2 under 2...
It could be I'm over committed...
but it's probably I lack organization and motivation.

I long for time spent snuggling with my babies,

I long for crisp fall days spent on the tractor in the same field with my farmer,
I long for coffee and sunrises.

I long for more time...

Today will always serve as a vivid reminder,
 we aren't guaranteed a certain amount of time on earth.
Only God knows his plans for us,
sweet Sara Ann passed away this day 2 years ago...
she shows up in my memories on Facebook at least once a week.

For me that's a once a week reminder to...
 hug my babies tighter
tell my farmer I love him more
to slow down and enjoy the little moments
and to spend more time focused on God than the world.

My plans for the week..

Rise before the rest of my house,
pour a cup of coffee,
sit on the porch in my favorite chair,
enjoy the cool fall mornings,
and talk to God.

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