Just a Farm Wife

My entire life I have heard the old adage 
"Behind every successful Farmer is a wife who works in town."

On our farm this rings very true.  
As you may or may not know I have a "town" job...
you know the one with the regular paycheck and health insurance.  
So did my mother-in-law and my grandmother,
However, strike the last 2 words and it still rings true on the majority of farms across the country.  

Farm wives work...
at home, 
at the farm 
and some at another job or two.  

It doesn't mean any one is more or less a farm wife than another.
I proudly wear the title farm wife,
never thinking of it as a belittlement.  
You see as a farm wife I have learned...
the value of a good cup of coffee (heck even a not so good one), 
to rake hay,

to milk cows,

to enjoy the moment,

to clean any bodily fluid, mud or grease you can imagine out of a new pair of jeans

but most of all to glorify God in all that we do,
to thank him for the rain, healthy calves, and abundant harvest,
and to drop to my knees in prayer...
asking for grace, comfort, and peace in his timing
when none of the above (and much more) is happening.

My job as farm wife requires me to be able to do many of the things my farmer can
 all the while keeping house, 
raising babies, and 
balancing books.

While some women may not want the title farm wife,
I'm happy as a pig in mud with that title.
It encompasses everything I do and all that I am into 2 little words...
Farm Wife

Brandi over at Lipstick and Tractors composed "So God Made a Farmer's Wife" 
almost 2 years ago. 
I think it sums it up well.

 Here's a link to her original posting.  

Are you interested in learning more about what I do as a farm wife? 
Follow me for the next 31 days as  I walk you through Life as a Farm Wife.
I will share about our faith, our family and our farm.  
Be prepared for cow shows, weddings, and work (maybe all in the same day).  

Until next time may God bless you real good,


You can see all the 31 day post here

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