Mommy Monday: What life consist of for a FarmWife in the Spring

Life on the farm in the spring is busy.

There are fields to cut for silage.
There are fields to plant.

There are cows to finish calving.
There is grass to cut at home.
There is a garden to get planted.

There are 4-H projects to get started.

There is a boy to get to baseball practice and games.

And there are still cows to milk, a house to clean, and children to love and take care of.

This time of year I love to be outside which means that inside gets neglected, 

but will my boys remember that momma cleaned house so well or that she took the time to spray us with the water hose while checking on new kittens with us?

  Will they remember that I left that load of laundry too long so that we could get to the ball field in time for practice or that I was always on the sidelines cheering them on?

I hope they remember the latter not my cleaning ability :)

May God bless you & keep you!


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