Flats Challenge Day 6: Flat Style

Today we are talking about folding and closing flats :) 

This is my favorite part of flats!  I love experimenting with all the different folds and finding out what works best for us.  FYI if you are just starting out your favorite folds will change as your baby grows.  Some folds that I loved when our LO was a newborn just didn't cut it 3 months later.  Some folds I loved last year don't work this year.  So don't get discouraged if what was working all of a sudden doesn't work any more.  

So what are my favorite folds? 

Classic Pad Fold- this is the easiest to do!


Kite Fold (This has been my absolute FAV this go round)

Need more ideas
My Flat Fold Pinterest board is full as well.

Until we meet again...may God bless you and keep you!


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