Flats Challenge Day 4: Out and About!

Today's topic is how do I travel with flats when running errands...

I don't think using flats when running errands is any more difficult than any other diaper, especially if your toddler is like mine and constantly moving!  
For me no matter where we are, what kind of diaper we are using, changing a diaper is a challenge!

To make life easier and diaper changes quicker I pre-load one cover (typically a Flip) with a pad fold prior to leaving the house.  I also make sure I change him just before leaving.  If I think he might fall asleep or I might be gone a while I will add extra absorbency to this diaper.  

I use a flannel flat or a receiving blanket in the origami fold and then pad fold a flour sack towel on top (this is also our overnight solution).

Typically I don't need to change him prior to getting home.  However if I do I always carry around a wet bag.  After the change I stuff both the diaper and the cover in the wet bag.  As soon as I get home I will toss the flat into the wash bucket it and rinse the cover if it's not soiled.  Once the cover is rinsed I hang it to dry.  

Now let's say it's Sunday and I'm going to leave home at 9 to head to Sunday School followed by church as 10:30, lunch with the family at 12, hanging out with my farmer, taking the kids to the park, and then heading to my Sunday night group at 6...what do I do???

I prepare!  I take at least 2 extra covers and 6-8 diapers (you never know when he's gonna blow).

I start at home by using the doubled up diaper and have one cover pre-loaded and ready to go with the pad fold so whoever changes him in the church nursery can just throw everything into the wet bag.  Once we leave church he typically falls asleep so we are sure to change as soon as possible after we pick him up.  Since this typically happens at the barn where I have access to a sink and such I will grab the snappi from the earlier diaper and the cover.  This gives me a chance to wipe out the cover (rinse if soiled) and for it to dry before I need it again.  Then our day goes on normally just as if we were at home.  

You see flats aren't difficult....they are really quick and easy to use.  If you aren't into fancy folds the pad fold is as basic as you can get and gives you 12 layers.  Think it's not enough?  Add an extra layer...it might be a little bulky but it works.  

Until we meet again may God bless you & keep you!


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