Mommy Monday: C-Section Awareness Month

April is C-Section awareness month.  
Each year when it rolls around I am reminded that I was blessed to have 2 little farm boys in my life.
Those boys very well that might not be here if it wasn't for the fact,
 that God gave someone the ability to perform this life saving operation.  

I'm not here to debate your stance on a woman's birth each their own.
But really folks (ladies, especially) there is no need for the mommy shaming!!  Having a baby is having a baby no matter which way the baby leaves your body!

As I read the various articles & the following comments posted around the web,
it reminds me of the comment made after the birth of our first son by a female family member 
(who has never been pregnant or given birth in any manner)...
because I didn't have him "naturally" then I didn't really give birth....
umm ok...sorry but what???  
I don't remember you being at the hospital through my labor...
honestly I'm pretty sure you didn't even come visit us at the hospital.
So where do you get telling me how I should have delivered my child???

An emergency c-section was best for literally saved his life!  
His cord was tied in a true knot so with each contraction and each push I was cutting off his supply line.  No one can convince me that my husband and I made the wrong choice...
I'm not a medical doctor and even though my husband has delivered literally 100's of babies (calves, people) in his life time...he isn't either.  When our doctor said this was what was safest for me and the baby...we believe him and trusted him...where we scared?  Yes!  Where there lots of silence prayers?  YES!  But we knew that God's plan was far greater than ours.  

Fast forward 5 years...we were facing the birth of our 2nd son.  We knew far in advance that a c-section was a possibly.  I on the other hand was determined to have a VBAC.  Let's just say...God's plan and mine rarely collide.  You can read more about how that turned out here.  

Now we are just 10 weeks and 2 days away from meeting our little girl.  We are going into this knowing we a c-section is on the horizon (unless this farm girl decides to arrive on her own, weighing in less than her brothers).  

Am I nervous?  Well if there is a pregnant lady out there who isn't nervous about her impending delivery (whichever method it may be) who isn't...I'd like to meet her.  So yes I'm nervous.
Yes some parts of me still long to labor and deliver "naturally." But I'm also at peace with the decision we have made.  I pray about it regularly and I know that whatever the "birth plan" is that God is in control and His Will shall be done.  

So to all the mommas out there, no matter how or where you are doing a great job!  God has entrusted you with growing a life and hopefully you look to Him for guidance in all aspects of pregnancy, delivery and motherhood.

May God bless you & keep you!


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