#Farmlife Friday

I know I know....
you haven't heard from me since the beginning of the year.  
But in all fairness I warned you.  
I'm at a very busy season in my life (as are many of you I'm sure).

But I thought you might like to catch up on what's going on around the farm in the last few months (prepare for picture overload).

We have started & finished our market hog project for the year.  Wyatt didn't win his class however he was 2nd in showmanship and both of his pigs had 81% cut ability.  As with each year he learns a little more and is better prepared for next year's project.  

Cleaning fence lines and installing cross fences has become a "favorite" past time lately.  We want to move some heifers into spring grazing fields that haven't been used as pastures in a few years so there is a lot of fence work to do.  

And sometimes with all the work around the farm you just need a nap with daddy.

Other times you are Mr. Fix it!

We enjoyed a couple of small snow accumulations that were gone almost as quick as they arrived.  Which honestly isn't a bad thing for us.  

I've had the joy of catching cows & heifers who always think the grass is better outside the fence a few times as well.  

Prior to putting a new calf in a previously used hutch we clean each hutch.  The farmboys have been learning how to help ensure each calf has a clean and comfy home.

Since is has warmed up considerably in the last month (today will be mid 80's).  The boys have been outside as much as possible.  Enjoying time with the cowdogs..

and working in the garden.  

This is the beginning of Wyatt's 4-H garden project.  He planted carrots and lettuce a couple of weeks ago.  He's having a decent germination rate at this point but needs to do some weeding and thinning out soon.  

And in the last few months we announced that are adding a new addition to the farm this summer.  We are expecting a little farmgirl to arrive in July.  

There you have it...a small glimpse into the last couple of months around the farm.
What's been going on around your home??

May God Bless you & keep you!


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