Farming & Family: The Jarrell's

Today's farm family is from what we in SC call the lower part of the state.  Meaning more flat land and sandy soil than what we have in the upper part.  It's much similar to what I grew up with in Georgia.  Seeing Wendy's photos of her family's farm leaves me longing to run barefoot through the garden on a hot summer day, stand at the edge of the field while peanuts are dug, and watch cotton pickers run through "southern snow".   Please take a minute a enjoy learning more about this family farm!

1. Who are you and where are you located?

 We are The Jarrell's from Estill, South Carolina.
Doug and Wendy, Brittany (15), Lockwood (8), and Emerson (7)

2. How did your farm begin? 

Farming runs deep in The Jarrell Family! Doug's Grandfather started their family farm and it branched off into several operations by brothers. One of those brothers being Doug's Dad. He worked in a plant and was farming on the side until Doug began farming full time over 11 years ago. 

3. What does your farm produce?

We are Row Crop Farmers, producing: Cotton, Peanuts, Soybeans, and occasionally wheat and corn.

4. What is the busiest time of year for your farm?

Planting and Harvest Seasons are busy times on our farm. Those months are typically April - June and September - December. When you say busy you mean from sun up to late-night right? With farming there are very few 8 hour days

5. How do younger generations help on the farm?

From young ages we have included our children in farm duties. Our teenage daughter now does some tractor work as well as help transport water & fuel trucks to and from fields. Our two boys ride along with Daddy to keep him on his toes, help poor seed & talc, help with harvest, and have helped with maintenance and cleaning equipment.

6. With all there is to do on a farm, are you involved off the farm?
I work full-time off the farm as well as keeping our farm books and records. Doug and I are very active in our community serving roles in our church and our local Farm Bureau. I love coaching soccer and have been blessed with the opportunity to coach all three of our children.

7. What's your favorite activity to do together as a family on the farm?

Our favorite activity is harvest season! We love our annual harvest photo shoots in the fields. 

8. Why is family important to your farm?

Family is important to our farm because not only does it provide for our little family of five, but numerous other families as well.  Agriculture helps provide a safe and affordable food supply worldwide. I cannot help but think of all these little peanuts that will go through the factory to make peanut butter to feed the world. Or the cotton that will be spun into thread to make that baby's first outfit. Then there are the workers who haul these commodities, those who process them, and those who eventually sell the final products; all who are being provided with a job opportunity. All of these things and more express our gratitude for the Agriculture industry and my humbling pride of my hard working husband and his colleagues.

9. What's one thing you want non-farm families to know?

That food and clothing does not generate from a storage room. It is nurtured through a season with lots sweat and sometimes tears to get to your local stores.

10. Do you have a blog, a farm Facebook page, twitter, etc where people can find out more about you and your farm?  
I do have a blog that is not updated very often!

So after today's post I think I need to pack up and head home for a few days to relish the land that I love...oh wait...there are a few boys around my house that need to be fed and clothed.  I guess I will just have to make do with memories for a while!  Hope you enjoyed learning more about this farm family!  

Until we meet again may God bless you and keep you!


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