Titus 2 Tuesday: Messy Beautiful Love

Wow today is the day!  
You can now purchase Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht!!

Titus 2 Tuesday are all about growing closer to God and follow the plan he has laid out for our life as wives, mothers, and women.  Darlene's new book does just that!

As a member of her launch team, I had a chance to preview the book and let me tell you it's real, raw, and life changing.  Darlene takes an open honest look at marriage, sharing with her readers details of her real life struggles.  

As I dug through her book....her story
I found myself compelled to look at my own marriage...
am I living my life with the purpose assigned to it by God?? 

"To love our husbands, raise our children with intent, and manage our homes well.  In doing so, we strengthen the bond of marriage and glorify God (Schact)."

One glance at that sentence and I realize NO!!
But Darlene's book isn't focused on shaming you into being the wife and mother God intended you to be.  It's about helping you grow and pursue the woman God has designed you to be.  She opens her heart and pours out personal examples of struggles she has faced in her marriage to help you learn 3 things...
1. You are not alone in your struggles (no matter how horrific you think they are)
2. God called YOU for YOUR FAMILY (no one else can do His will for your family)
3. Prayer is vital! (Seek God at every opportunity)

Darlene ends the book with 31 ways to pray for our husbands & a challenge.
Now I challenge you...do you want to strengthen your marriage and grower closer to the Lord??
If so, take a moment....purchase the book...READ IT!!!  And then come back and share how it has affected your life & your marriage!!

Or better yet you can win a copy!!

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Until we meet again....God bless you & keep you :)


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