Farmlife Friday: Stock Show Life

We are a stock show family.  
We spend days, weeks and months 
training kids and animals to work together as a team.

Kids have to learn how to set an animal just right to make them look their best,
the animals have to learn to trust the kids and listen to them.

We spend weekends and holidays traveling 100's of miles 
to look at, judge, purchase and show stock. 
In our family it's not just one kind.
We show pigs,



cows (beef & dairy),

and the occasional chicken.  

Many folks have asked why we do it...
and some days I can't tell you why...
it's hard work, 
cost lots of money & time, 
some days you get hurt,

 & it can make everyone a little grumpy from time to time...
but on more days than not I see why in the boys eyes...
it's the patience and responsibly learned

the friendships gained,
the work ethic,
the determination,

the compassion it teaches

the togetherness that it brings,

the tradition that lives on,

You see this isn't a game you can leave at the field, 
this is a way of life for your entire family.  
It takes everyone doing their part to make showing livestock fun.

I love that our boys can continue showing livestock...
they are at least the 4th generations in both families to show.
I pray that they grow to love the show ring and the work it takes to get there.

Until we meet again...God bless you & keep you!

(We're off to another show)


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