Farm Life Friday

This time of year is busy around the farm.

A new crop of calves are arriving from now until Dec...which we call Fall Calving Season

Cows still have to be milked and pastures made ready for winter

And sometime farm babies start practicing driving early.

Not to mention show season kicks into high gear here in the Southeast.  

Some shows like the pullet show at our local livestock show just award participation ribbons, while others place kids and their animals all the way from 1 to 10 (or more).

Showing livestock isn't for everyone.  
It takes lots of work to teach your animal to walk and set up.
Not to mention it takes a good deal of funds to feed your animal properly for show.

Sometimes it even takes a little help from a friend, when you are showing a ewe or a calf bigger than you.

But all that hard work pays off.  
Not only to the kids get ribbons and prize money

They also learn valuable lessons in responsibly, animal husbandry, and sportsmanship.  

Overall our 1st full weekend of showing went well but more than the ribbons and awards, the Farmboy enjoyed hanging out with his friends and eating Nana Peggy's animal themed cupcakes :) 

Until we meet again...


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