#Farmlife Friday

Periodically throughout the year I take a couple of weeks off from blogging.
I do this for a couple of reasons but the main one is to refocus. 
Blogging doesn't make me any money and requires a fair amount of time,
but I really enjoy it.  It allows me to express myself and share a little about our life.

With that said over the last couple of weeks I have really thought about what I wanted to share on the blog and have a developed a schedule.  Today kicks off the first new feature #Farmlife Friday!  
On Fridays we will be sharing all about what is happening around our farm.

Over the last few weeks things have been super busy.

Farmboy's hens started laying their first eggs.

Since they have started laying the hens need more room so
the Farmer & Farmboy have been working on building a bigger coop.

The Farmboy has also been working with his show lambs and calves 
to get them ready for the upcoming shows

Sunday afternoons have been devoted to catching up on naps
and hanging out with the Farmer at the barn.

These farm kids really love to help during milking times as well.

We are winding down our last few precious days of summer,
hoping to grab a few more afternoons at the pool before school starts back.
So what has your family been up to? 

Until we meet again!


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