Wrangler Wednesday

I can't believe it's already July!
And honestly it's quickly approaching the middle of July.

That means that lots of our friends who grow produce have many yummy things in their roadside stand.

Over the holiday weekend I grabbed some peaches, tomatoes, corn, squash and cantaloupe
from one of our favorite family farms....Cotton Hills Farm  
(If you are a regular to the blog you've probably seen me mention them before.)

I put up most of the corn, squash and tomatoes this weekend.
Well I put up what didn't make it's way into our tummies I should say ;)

This Farm Boy really impressed me this past week.  He has taken to writing in his journal often.  I can't always tell you what he's writing but he's putting his thoughts on paper!

He also did a great job of helping to shuck corn.  He was very meticulous on his silking duties,
which slowed us down but that's ok. 

His favorite part though was fresh corn on the cob.  As you can tell Farm Boy #2 
was quite pleased as well!

Speaking of FB2...he's a mess!
He loves to entertain everyone...see here why we have dubbed him...

we never leave home without at least 2 sometimes 3 or more!

Those peaches you saw earlier were made into peach cobbler for the boys 
with a side of home made ice cream

And to cool off on the farm...we fill the old sandbox
with ice cold well water
and splash around

The farmer cut the hay field next to our house this week,
which means no more "over my head" field
and Farm Boy is excited to be able to run through it without fear of getting lost.

Here's the field while they were baling.  

And we are finally getting a few things out of our own 
tiny raised bed garden.

Farm Boy #2 is happy to help pick each evening,
while the original Farm Boy tends to his hens.

I'm just glad I don't have to deal with the chickens!

Until we meet again,


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