Tackling Tuesday: Vet Checks & 9 years of marriage

Tuesdays are always rough.  
I guess it's recovery from the first day of the week.
You see I have to reestablish my routine every Monday.
So Tuesday can be a bear.
Tuesdays are also busy at the barn.
The 1st Tuesday of the month we weigh milk...
which means we weigh how much milk each cow produces.
The 3rd Tuesday of the month our veterinarian comes to check our herd health.
Sometimes on these Tuesdays we have to move cows, heifers, and calves from different places to the barn so we can have the vet check them.  

Today is the 3rd Tuesday of July.  So that mean Dr. B is at the farm today.
He checks any cow who has had a calf in the last month,
he checks any cows and/or heifers who have been bred in the last 60 days to see if they have a calf,
and he addresses any issues we are having on any of the cows.  

Today the Farmer & I also celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.

As you can tell from our engagement photos we were just kids.
Barely in our 20's
Still taking pictures in hay fields
 (follow my instagram @SCFarmWife to see more pictures of hay) 

We got married on one of the hottest days in July of 2005.  
In Georgia no less.
Which my bridesmaids loved 
(they were all wearing full length black gowns :)   
We had an afternoon thunderstorm 
which created some humidity to say the least.

But it was an amazing day full of family, friends, and fun.  
I am so amazed that God created someone so loving, patient and kind.  

 Fast forward a few years, kids, and cars later.
I am more in love with him now than I was then.
He has taught me so much over the years.
And the amount of grace and love he has shown me could float Noah's ark again. 

He is not only an amazing husband but a great daddy to our boys.
He always knows little eyes and ears are tuned into him.
He does his best to lead by example.
The boys and I have learned more about what hard work, dedication, and sacrifice means
by watching him than we could have in a lifetime.

He doesn't want much out of life, and ask for even less.
He doesn't covet material possessions 

Even though he probably does love his boots more than most ;)

So what do you get this guy?
That's always a problem...no matter the occasion.
9 years is traditionally willow or ceramics...not really his thing
Modern tradition states 9 years is leather...more more this thing.
But honestly new boots weren't in the budget,
he swears he doesn't need a new belt,
and the boys just got him a new wallet for Christmas.

So I got him a new Bible.

And throughout it I highlighted verses.
Some of the verses are about marriage
Some are to bring him encouragement,
Some are to comfort him,
some verses are for wisdom.  
(because as a husband, parent and farmer he needs lots)

I can't tell you exactly how many I marked for him,
but each one was marked out of love,
with the prayer that they speak to him 

I jotted down a few of the ones I marked:
Ruth 1:16...where ever he goes I go
Ephesians 5:23-27...wives & husbands
 Genesis 29:20...love makes time fly
Song of Solomon 1:1...love is better than wine
Philippians 1:9...love more
Colossians 3:23...work for God 

So Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!
Love you more today than yesterday,
will love you more tomorrow than today :) 

Until we meet again...


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