Happy Birthday America!!

Today is an amazing day!
Not only do we get to celebrate America's birthday 
but I get a day off from the 8-5.

Even though many of us have a day off

The cows still have to be milked

If Arthur doesn't get to us....hay will need to be baled

Cows checked

The garden watered

& Lambs walked

With any luck this farm boy will spend some time at the pond 

maybe even in the pool

And momma can enjoy a nice glass of sweet tea on the porch.

In case you are in need of any last minute
14 Easy Patriotic Desserts for the Fourth of July 

DIY 4th of July Mason jars

 decoration ideas,

Because 4th of July is right around the corner, we are making any clothing that is Red, White, and Blue 50% off this week! Let your kids show off that they are for Team America with an outfit from Little Doses!    #Children #kids #clothes

style that bump for the 4th! || The Freckled Fox
 or outfits
you can check out my favorite ideas on my Pinterest board 

Praying you have a wonderful 4th & a bless weekend!


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