Wrangler Wednesday...5K, VBS, Farm Life & 2 Worn Out Boys

Life has been busy around the farm.
There are cows to milk,
show lambs to work with,
hay to bale,
and work to be done.

The boys have been working their lambs every chance they get...which lately hasn't been often.

Even the baby can walk one of the lambs.

Wyatt's taken up with this calf...he claims he's the calf's favorite person.

These 2 have decided our small garden is their kitchen.

And the baby is loving feed time...mainly because he steals some feed

But apparently that is exhausting.  

Last Saturday the local Young Farmers & Ranchers group hosted the 1st Annual Sara Ann Comer
#Run4Agriculture!  We had great participation and were overwhelmed with the support of our wonderful community!!

Right at 200 folks registered to participate.

We were very happy to do something for this wonderful family whom we all love very much!

As a mom I was super proud of this kid!  He had been back and forth since the beginning on if he was running or not.  He decided yes and finished in 43 minutes and some change.  He said he wasn't running for Ag but for Sara Ann...to me that's perfectly OK.  

Needless to say the boys were worn out afterwards.

 Monday night started one of the craziest and awesome weeks of the year.
VBS or Vacation Bible School.  

This young man's face says it all!

I am so thankful that in our tiny church we have almost 50 people volunteering to help bring the word of God to our community children.  

Needless to say the last week (or ten) have been extremely busy.  

Until we meet again...


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