Wrangler Wednesday: Oh the Place's He Will Go!

Oh my how you blink your eyes and your baby goes from

This sweet little guy you are bringing home from the hospital.  

To this...

A 6 year old who has mastered opening gates of all kinds!

Last weekend we had to find a few cows and calves who had wandered off.  
They had gone in search of greener pastures...

not really these 3 mama cows just like to test fence lines.  

On that adventure I learned a few things about these 2 farmboys of ours.  

1. Wyatt can now open every gate on the farm.

 2. Waylon is all about "calling cows".

3. Wyatt is in his element when he is surround by cows.

and 4. He loves to check calves, especially that bald face one ;)

Fast forward a few days.  
My oldest child has not only started kindergarten 

But now is heading out for his last day!!

As goofy as ever I might add!

His school had a Kindergarten Graduation

Complete with singing


and diplomas

It was wonderful, but bittersweet

The graduate was excited 

He got some brotherly love

some Momma love

and Daddy love.

After 180 days he finally let me get a picture of him with his teachers

We couldn't have asked for a better Kindergarten experience for Wyatt.  
Mrs. Knight & Mrs. Whitesides were amazing.  
They were kind and loving 
while providing the guidance and structure that Wyatt needed to achieve.  

We ended our last day of Kindergarten with a baseball game.  

It's hard to believe that the little guy above 

Is now this little slugger...

Can't wait to see what the next adventure will bring in the life of this young man.

Until we meet again...


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