Thin Down Thursday: June Kickstart

I'm's been months since I did a Thin Down Thursday post.
I fell off the wagon...HARD!!

Life caught up with me and I pushed aside my fitness goals.
So how bad is it??

Well I definitely gained some pounds back!  
6 to be exact...

I decided a week ago that June was going to be my month.
This month I am going to kick my fitness goals into high gear.

What have I done so far?
1. Stepped on the scale.
I had to find out just how bad it was.  I also needed to know my starting point.  

2. Starting logging my foods again
Knowing what and how much I eat daily is where I see the biggest difference.  
I am able to gauge throughout the day where I am on my calorie intake and if I need to adjust.

3. Incorporate at least 20-30 minutes of activity into my daily schedule
This is another biggie.  Just being sure I am moving.  
Even if it is a SLOW (painfully slow at time) walk with the boys...
at least I am not on the couch :) 
Also because I usually do my "workouts" in the evenings if I have done #2 then I know if I need to add any extra in to offset my splurges.  

4. Ordered a FitBit
From all the reviews and product info I have read.  I feel like this is My Fitness Pal on my wrist instead of on my phone.  I will no longer have to be sure my iPhone has 50% battery life before I head out for a walk with the boys.  It can also track all my steps each day.  In addition I can monitor my steps, distance, or calories just by looking at my wrist and not have to log into my apps.  I'll let you know how this works out.

5. Reevaluated my goals.
In my last Thin Down Thursday post I had listed some basics which included 5 miles in 7 days and 6 Crossfit at home workouts.  My body isn't ready for that I learned.  I can do the miles but when I add daily crossfit to the miles I burn out because I become so sore by day 3 I can barely move.  I know stay with it and it will get easier.  Yes in some ways that is true but if I push my body too hard it will break as well.  I obviously pulled a muscle in my leg a few weeks ago and still recovering.  

With that said...
What are my goals this week?
1. Walk/jog/run/crawl 10 miles
2.  Complete Jillian Michael's Kettle-bell workout 4 times
3. Drink WAY MORE water
4. Track all my food for the next 7 days
5. Pray about it!

I'll check back in a week and let you know how it went?
Did you set new fitness goals 6 months ago?  
Did you meet them?  
I'd loved to hear your story!

Until we meet again,


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