Wrangler Wednesday

It seems like I only post on Wednesday...
maybe because it's easier to share pictures than words at times

This past week I was #blessed to find some photos our favorite photographer had done for us.  She had dropboxed them to me and I didn't even realize it!!  

NicCole Photography

NicCole Photography 

 Summer has definitely arrived in South Carolina!  We reached upper 80's a few times already and I'm sure the 90's are right around the corner.  The #farmboys have been enjoying the warmer weather and more sunlight.  It means more time outside!  

Farm Boy #2 loves to walk up and down the calf rows and inspect each calf

Farm Boy #1 has gotten into the habit of helping feed calves more regularly, which is good since starting next week he will be feeding every morning

The boys have also been fascinated by the 4-H pullets they got.  
It's nothing to drive past our house and see at least one of them playing in the front yard with the chicks.

Farm Boy #2 loves the kitten as well... he has picked up a new word "KitKit" 
which he will yell until you find the kitten...who is probably hiding for safety 

Doesn't poor Dash (the kitten) look frighten?
I had the opportunity to help 3 Kindergarten classes harvest their gardens last Friday.
These kids did a great job of growing and caring for their crops.  
They were all smiles during harvest!  Between the 3 classes they filled a 55 gallon trash bag with lettuce!!! 

We have been enjoying sweet strawberries and some yummy blue berries as well from some local farms.  We actually have had berries from Bush-N-Vine, Black's Peaches, and Cotton Hills Farms already this year.  We consider each of these farms to be owned/operated by dear friends which makes deciding on the best berries very difficult.  Let's just say we enjoy them all! 

Our show lambs have finally picked up on eating again since bringing them home a little over a week ago.  Lambs have to adjust to their surrounding and learn the new routine before they resume their piggish appetites.  

Farm Boy #2 was loving this toy we borrowed from a friend.  He likes to make tractor sounds from behind the paci.  He is actually in a field we had just cut for silage.

The Farmer...ever working.  He is honestly the hardest working man I have ever met.  I am amazed daily by his work ethic and passion for agriculture.

I'm not sure when the last time I talked to him on the phone that he wasn't on a tractor either mixing feed, chopping silage or baling hay.

That's all for now..

Until we meet again...


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