Wrangler Wednesday: Picking up Show lambs

Last weekend we hit the road to drive 12+ hours to pick up a set of show lambs for kids in our county.  Now to you it might seem crazy that due to chopping silage we didn't leave until 8 p.m. drove until about 2 a.m. to pick up lambs at 8 a.m. and be back home before 5 p.m. so that the kids could grab their lambs.  

But I have a secret...that's not the farthest drive we have ever done to pick up show lambs.  

Why do we do it?

1) Because we (ok mainly I) enjoy show livestock 
2) There were a few really good men who did the same for me back in the day...they would drive 12-15 hours to pick up show pigs and haul them home for me!
3) Giving kids the opportunity to experience a livestock show is my passion. 

Before we headed out the boys and I had to check the heifers we had just turned out into a new field

and feed the cows in the barn...(can you tell Farm Boy #2 is a climber)

Farm Boy #1 fell asleep not long into our trip

And when he wasn't sleeping he was playing games, watching videos, fighting elephants or asking questions

The Farmer took 2 milkings off to go with us...
he did most of the driving (expect the 11 p.m.-2 a.m. shift) 
which included me, 
in the middle of the night, 
navigating his new trailer through bridge construction
ONE LANE bridge construction 
that was barely wide enough for a mini cooper to pass
much less the truck & trailer.

Photo credit: Crystal Sandifer

Farm Boy 1 was excited to help unload the lambs for the kids

Photo credit: Crystal Sandifer

These four will make excellent showers...poor Farm Boy 1 doesn't realize he's doomed in showmanship with these cuties
Photo credit: Crystal Sandifer
Farm Boy 2 is just frustrated no one will let him in with the big kids

Photo credit: Crystal Sandifer

We had some happy kids picking up their new projects.

Farm Boy 1 was determined to halter break his lamb on day one!  
Flash isn't so determined.

But they are becoming friends

And Farm Boy 1 was allowing Farm Boy 2 to explore without boundaries 

After a while the shirts came off because "halter breaking is hard work, Momma." 

So here is to a new show season,
with all it's ups and downs,
feed bills and buckets,
clippers and show stands.

I wouldn't trade a minute of the time I get to spend with my boys during show season for anything else.
Livestock projects teach children so much,
record keeping,
animal husbandry,

Plus it keeps them outside!

Until we meet again~


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