Tackling Tuesday

I feel like more and more I don't plan life as much as I tackle it.  
I run from one activity to the next without much thought into the best way to complete the task.

Case in point my new hair cut...please don't get me wrong I love my cut..
It's much faster to style and my hair looks so much healthier (thanks Ashley)!  
But instead of planning ahead...I literally sent my sweet hairdresser a Facebook message at the last minute begging for a time to whack off 6+ inches of hair.

Many days are the same for the dear ol' farmer...
a million things to do but only so many hours of daylight.
(By the way when chopping silage daylight can be somewhat optional.)

Then there is this kid...he kinda stole my heart the moment he arrived and still amazes me daily.
His love of exploring nature and wanting to be outside until the last rays of the sun have disappeared are awesome and extremely stressful at the same time.

Because some days we have t-ball between work, home, supper, homework and bedtime.

We have cattle to check

And let's not forget the #nolongerababyboy (heartthrob #2) who is all over the place
and obviously destine to become a tree climber.  Who still loves to wake up extra happy at 4 a.m. 

Oh and there is the thing called my off farm job.  That is great and allows me to connect my passion for agriculture, education and the environment all into one really cool job (if I'm honest).   


All of these things make life seem to fly by me at break neck speed, not allowing me time to enjoy

my two blessings from above,

impromptu shopping trips with my family,

or time alone with this handsome man.  

I have to be intentional.  I have to force myself to slow down, make plans and carve moments into each day to listen to God's word.  I find that it's when I listen to Him first that my days are less hurried, my time less stressful and my family more enjoyable.  Turning off the phone, the tablet, and the computer is necessary for me to truly connect with the Lord.  I have found that as much as I love the apps for Bible study I can't truly hear what God is saying unless I write it down by hand.  So here's for less tackling and more planning in the weeks to come.  

Until next time


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