Mommy Monday: 14 in 2014 Goals update

So this year I have set 14 goals for myself.  If you want to check out why I picked these 14 read this.  We are almost 1/2 through the year and I thought today would be a great day to check in and see how I am doing!

1. Pray about everything!  & 2. Study Scripture Daily.
I'm not sure I will ever pray or study enough but I find myself saying more little prayers each day and remembering verses throughout the day.  I also know that when I right it down I am more diligent about praying and spending time in God's word.     

3.  Tithe 1st, not last.
A work in progress.  It is the first item on our budget but I'm not saying it's always the first item out the door.  I think when things get tight it makes it extra hard to give all that we should because we forget all that God has given us! 

4. Memorize 12 verses of Scripture
If I am going to make 12 verses I am really going to have to work at it!!  

5. Organize my life. life isn't organized as you can tell from last Tuesday's blog post, however I am trying to find a system that works for me!

6. Declutter Our House
This is such a work in progress.  I have literally removed an entire wardrobe of women's clothes from my house.  Sad part is there is still 5 more women's wardrobes left!! I am slowing working through all the items.  I have found that clothes are my biggest challenge, not just for me but the boys as well.  I have been tempted to reduce my clothing to only 100 items.  I am working on a list...I'll let you know how that goes!  
7. Set a daily schedule and stick to it!! 
well I set I just need to follow it!

8. Pay off Debt!!!
The last time I updated I bragged about my multiple accounts and starting the envelope system...yeah I should keep my mouth shut!  Praying that I will be on a cash only system for groceries, gas, and other (non-bill) items by July 1.  

9. Put at least $1000 in our savings account for a rainy day fund
Not there yet..

10.  Put at least $200 extra into each of the boy's savings account.
Setting aside extra is hard...still working on this goal.

11.  Do a family outing once a month.  
We did go camping in the backyard over Farm Boy's spring break.  This has been a hard one to do.  It's very difficult for the Farmer to get away.  Honestly he hasn't had a day off since early's long overdue!

12.  Exercise 3 times a week and include the boys as often as possible.  
I did great on this goal for a while and then I fell off the wagon...hoping to get back on ASAP!!

13.  Go on a date night just William & I once a month
5+ months and counting...still not one date night.  Please don't get me wrong we have a wonderful friend who has offered to babysit for us more than once...the Farmer just doesn't have the time.  On the rare occasion he makes it home before me...I have a meeting!  

14.  Post 60 blog post, plus keep our social media sites updated.
Over 1/2 to my goal and it's not even June yet!!  I have been working on getting the Farmer to update the farm's Facebook page from the field or at least send me some pics so I can do it! 

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Did you set goals for the New Year? Are you still working on them? Or have you tossed them?

Until we meet again


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